Is Your Country Banned By Netflix And Hulu? No Problem!

Sadly, downloading movies and TV shows online is illegal in many countries. This usually happens because movie and TV show production companies do not get a royalty for people who download and watch their content outside of their jurisdiction. This is a big problem when you live in a country that is not English speaking and does not have deals with big-ticket movie networks. The end result is that you do not get to watch those movies anywhere, not even on the National TV. This has been my experience recently while visiting Senegal. You have to pay a premium just to watch international movies and shows. Totally unacceptable!

Even if you want to subscribe to networks like Hulu or Netflix, they still have no need for your money because your whole country is banned.

Here is a quick and easy way around this issue. You will be able to watch the latest movies and TV shows where ever you are in the world with this method. If Netflix does not want your money then good riddance! They clearly do not understand the concept of vulgarization. If they did then they would have embraced members from currently forbidden countries.

– Enter Torrent

The best way around this issue is torrenting. By using torrents, you can download almost anything available online. This includes the latest movies and TV shows.
If it is not a hassle for you to download a small software and install it on your PC or smartphone, then the whole world of media entertainment opens up for you.

– Welcome to the world of streaming!

With streaming, nothing is stored on your computer and it does not take any hard drive space. It only takes a few hundred megabytes to stream the movie, but that’s it.
Here are four of the best streaming applications you can download and start streaming right away.


One of the oldest P2P application that allows you to stream movies and TV shows straight to your desktop. It is primarily used by millions of people to download torrent files. uTorrent Pro gives you the ability to stream movies and TV shows. As you may have guessed, uTorrent Pro is a paid app. Not expensive, mind you, but still paid.

-Popcorn Time

The original popcorn time is dead in the water. The developers abandoned the project without giving any explanation. While it lasted, it was, possibly, the best streaming application in the world. There remain many clones of popcorn time that still work.

-Show Box

A brand-new app that works on android and offers seamless streaming of the latest movies and TV shows. We like how the app looks, with its modern feel and fast performance. Almost all movies and TV shows that exist can be streamed with this ShowBox app.


A torrent application that doubles as a streaming app. Unlike uTorrent, BitLord can stream movies and TV shows for free. I particularly like the way it looks, and the design fits Window 10 like a glove. The only minor problem I have with it is the advertising at the bottom. Those of the best tools out of the streaming crop. I hope you find them useful. If Netflix and Hulu banned your country, then you don’t want them! Use the apps above to stream to your hearts content in possibly better quality.

Showbox Download for Android

We all have a favorite TV show, even when it is not being aired anymore. For the mosf part we love TV shows that are constantly being aired and new episodes fly out. However, most of the time, we don’t have the time to watch TV at the moment our show is on.

Some would scream; Netflix! However, the idea of spending eight dollars a month to be coerced by your little brother out of your account is just not okay with you. You want something personal. You want something you don’t have to stream but can if you wished to. You want something with a vast repertoire of TV shows and if that is the case my friend, you want Showbox.

There are hundreds of free movie and TV show watching services and apps out there. Nonetheless, showbox posseses a friendly interface, a download and a stream button and a database worth envying. The best part of it all os that as an Android user it is absolutely free! Iff you don’t mind an occasional pop up or an ad, this app will be perfect for you.

Now, for the most grand surprise you’ll have with this glorious app is that contraire to what its name will sell you it also offers you movie downloads. Which is great because we all need a break from the addictive series binge watching. Showbox download is completely free and completely secure on your phone. You can download the Showbox from here
You can choose to save the movie or show file on your internal or external memory or simply stream it. The app is small in size and provides you with a wide array of movies and shows old, not so old and as new as posible. The app is not available on the Play Store but it can be downloaded on the side.