Defend Yourself, Even If You Feel Defenseless

In criminology terms assault is an act of physical harm that harms an individual. Sexual assault is an act of physical harm that has sexual motives. This is commonly known as rape in most parts of world, but rape is just a fraction of what sexual assault really is. Rape is more of a specific term, because it defines the actual penetration of a victim. Yet, sexual assault also includes heinous acts such as the groping of an individual, kissing them without consent, or the torture of an individual in any sexual manner.

It is often thought that sexual assault is only committed by men and that women are always the victim of sexual crimes. This is a complete myth and the fact is that, about 20% of the victims are male. That may not be as high as women victims, but the number is not negligible.

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It is estimated that yearly 440,000 acts of sexual assault are committed in Canada alone. A country that is known for its low crime rate and friendly people. What is more alarming, is that only a very few people come forward to make a formal complaint against their assaulter. In fact, only 33 out of 1000 people come forwards and only 3 of these cases leads to a conviction. That means an alarmingly high number of toronto sexual assault get off without any punishment at all.

This may be the reason that only 6 cases out of every 100 is even taken to higher authorities. Another issue is that, 60% of these victims are under the age of 17, which means that they might not even be aware of their rights. It might also be said that the victims fear for their future safety and the fact that even though they are filing a complaint; their assaulters will not face any punishment. Another key issue is that about 80% of the assailants are relatives and/or friends of the victim. Which makes it even harder to come forward. Victims fear that they will be shut down and will not be believed even if they came forward with their experience and decide to keep it to themselves.

Sexual assault is a huge issue and a major reform needs to occur in terms of laws and awareness. Sexual assault lawyers can be one of the key players in influencing a more stringent punishment and strict law reform for sexual assault cases. If victims felt safe enough to speak with a lawyer, that would make a huge difference in the number of people that actually make a formal complaint.

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Sexual assault lawyers in Toronto and all over Canada are readily available to assist victims and ensure that they receive justice. There is an abundance of lawyers that are readily available not only help victims, but to ensure that the assaulters receive the punishment that they deserve. Victims need to be made aware that even thought they are victims; they are not powerless, they have the right and ability to defend themselves.

Commercial Cleaning And Its Importance

Cleanliness is defined as the state or quality of being clean or being kept clean.” Despite having a solid definition of what cleanliness is, the actual interpretation is different all around the world.

Yet, most people do have a similar belief about cleanliness: cleanliness is~ next to godliness.”

With the Greater Toronto Area area becoming one of the most swiftly progressing and populated areas in Canada, there is a huge of influx of business. Mostly being commercial and public service class. A commercial business is a business that caters to a very large variety of individuals. Commercial businesses are mostly brick and mortar and either provide a service or sells products. Examples of commercial businesses are:

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  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Pharmacies
  • Departmental Stores
  • Gyms
  • Company Offices
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Warehouses

When it comes to commercial businesses, cleanliness is the key to attracting customers. Just imagine, going into a departmental store looking to pick up groceries. When you walk into the store, everything is a huge mess. There is merchandise on the floor, the shelves are not neatly arranged, and there seems to be an air of chaos in the store. Would you feel like spending an hour of your time walking through the store and trying to find the products you want to purchase, or would you walk out and go to another store? I personally would have run out of that store as if it were on fire!

Coming back to reality though, in recent times have you ever been in a large store that was not clean and extremely neat? A store that had merchandise cluttered all over the floor? A store that was so unorganized that you could not find what you were looking for?

I cannot recall the last time I walked into a store and thought that it was dirty. I always feel like the store is very neatly laid out and encourages me to spend more time there. This is because businesses now understand how important it is to ensure that their premises are extremely clean and presentable to the customers at all times. commercial cleaning toronto is becoming more important as businesses and the community as a whole keep growing.

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This is because a clean and neat environment automatically induces customers to feel more at ease and comfortable. Ultimately, this will lead to them to feel unhurried and will take more time just to have a look through what your store has to offer. This will in turn lead to higher customer satisfaction and even more sales and customer loyalty.

Commercial cleanliness is an extremely important aspect in today’s market place. Without having a clean workplace, how does a business expect to attract new consumers and not drive away the existing customers? This is why there are so many services that have been created to help businesses focus on the crucial tasks, while rudimentary tasks like cleaning are handled seamlessly and rapidly by other companies.

The Best Posture Corrector In The Market


The posture corrector or a posture brace is used to treat the deformities of the spine and the back region. These deformities might be of constant desk sedentary or of injuries due to accident.

Some of the features and benefits of Posture correctors are as follows

  • Spine relocation – The posture correctors

can be immensely helpful relocating the spine and the back posture in thier natural positions. The regular use of the posture correctors can enhance the overall posture of the body.


  • Eliminates the excess pressure:

The posture correctors reduces the pressure which is exerted on the lower and upper body parts like knees and neck along with back and shoulders. The pressure may be exerted due to incorrect posture while sitting on a chair or the couch.

  • Posture habit :

The body can be trained to remain in a steady posture with the help of posture corrects. Regular and continuous use of the se braces can automatically, the correct the posture of the body.

  • Treatment of the injuries:

Minor injuries like sprain or neck and back twisting can treated with the help of posture correctors. Even major injuries like slip disc can be improved using braces in a correct and regular manner.


  • Cheap and effective:

Unlike medical treatments like surgery, posture correctors are way cheaper and effective. This is the reason that most of the time, physicians suggest posture correctors before ailing any surgery. They increase the probability of self healing of the injuries.

There are a variety of posture correctors available in the market, in various shapes sizes, colours and usages. Some of the popular posture correctors are Upper Back & Shoulder Posture braces,evidently lower back postural braces, sitting posture correctors and EMSposture correctors. The consumers should consult a physician and then select the best posture corrector for themselves.

Choosing The Best Painting Services In Singapore


In order to choose the best painting services singapore, one must factor in certain details before making a decision. In order to help you make an informed decision, here are a list of tips that will help to ease the task :


  • Protective Coverings for your furniture: Make sure that the company you have picked provides you with protective plastic painting covers to avoid any paint damaging and ruining your furniture and other household items. See to it that the protective coverings are brand new. Also, brand new plastic wraps are the most suitable, as compared to newspapers or used bedsheets, as they are the closes guarantee to avoid bringing in any bacteria from other surroundings.


  • Touch Up: Before commencing the painting or re-painting, make sure that the walls are even. In case of any uneven surfaces, request the painter to smoothen the surface with the help of sandpaper. Moreover, holes and cracks on walls should be patched up using high quality putty before painting.
  • Brushes and Rollers: The equipment used in painting should be of a brand-new and good quality. In case of using old and used paintbrushes and rollers, the painter runs the risk of shifting the residual paint from the previous work onto the new wall.
  • Cost and Quality: It is important to research on the costs and quality of paint that will be utilized. To avoid being overcharged for services, ask for the service charge from a couple of different companies. Upon quoting your price, also make sure that the paint being used is of good quality. Good quality paint is also a deciding factor for the overall outcome of the painting process. Research shows that the best paint options in Singapore are Nippon and Dulux. Go to their website for further information about the colours and palettes they offer.

Keeping these tips in mind, one may easily be able to make an informed research. However, to narrow down the search, here is a list of some of the well-reputed painting services in Singapore:

  • Painter : This painting company has received wide appreciation for its prompt customer services and value for money. It is a reliable source since there are no hidden costs and maximum precision and dedication in the work that is carried out. One may expect the painting cost of a 5 room HDB flat to be around 800-1600 SGD. They also carry out painting work in commercial buildings in addition to residential flats.


  • Colour Creative Painting Service : This painting company boasts of a two-decade experience in the painting service. This is enough proof of the reviews that the company has gained for its reliable and affordable services.
  • Galaxy Painters : Galaxy Painters offer both painting, as well as, waterproofing services. They are able to work even on surfaces like metal, concrete, timber and so on.
  • City Painters : Apart from providing painting services, City Painters was also focused on general maintenance and repair work. Starting even as early as 1975, they are one of the oldest companies in Singapore and guarantee the service of dedicated workers.

Showbox : The Theatre Nearest To You

Maybe you missed out on a movie night at the theatres or getting ready for the next season of Game of Thrones. Whatever your reason is, this app is made for you. Recently, Netflix has been launched in India, giving it a boost to the top of the app stores for android and iOS platforms. Netflix DOES have to be paid for with a monthly or yearly subscription fee, however, there is an alternative for those of us who want to access the same movies and TV shows without shelling out some money. The answer to your prayers is an app making the rounds called ‘ShowBox’.


What exactly is the official description of this app? As the website for the app states it is a “free movies and TV shows streaming app for Android. It is regarded as one of the best free Android apps as it allows users to watch movies in HD for free.” The app streams movies and shows to your mobile or tablet for viewing, however, it can also be used with Google’s Chromecast plug-in. Basically, using Chromecast allows the video being played to transfer onto a bigger screen such as your TV. While the description doesn’t mention it, the app has recently been released for iOS as well as installation on a plethora of other wide number of devices. The app has spread its base to include the Kindle Fire, Mac Book, PC, and as mentioned before, Chromecast.

Users of this app have reported large satisfaction regarding their usage of this app. Others remain sceptics of such a good offer that seems too good to be true. Accusations of viruses being installed stem from the seemingly “shady” application process. Of course there would be concerns as the app needs to be side-loaded into the device. In the process of installation users are asked to allow ‘Unknown Sources’ to download apps. This, however, is no cause for concern. It simply means that as Show Box is not available for download on the traditional app markets. After this it is as simple as clicking a link and letting it install. From there it is directly ready to be used on your device for instant streaming.


The app itself boasts of a clean interface, with the same features as a certain similar service. Options are also included in ‘Show Box” which is otherwise unavailable for use in other services. An example would be the ability to download a movie or episode to your phone for use without an internet connection. Changes of streaming quality are also provided with a selection ranging from Low, Medium, and High depending on internet signal strength. Subtitles can also be added according to your preference.

All in all, after considering the alternatives, ‘Show Box’ sounds like something worth checking out. Especially during the upcoming holidays; and keeping things within a budget entertainment-wise I know I personally will give this app a go, after all how often does an opportunity this good come?

More Information On How To Choose The Best Water Softener

Rain water is always termed as soft water as it contains no hard materials. However, it is not always trapped straight from the sky as people use different methods such as terraces and rivers to direct the water to the reservoir for storage. During this process, the water reacts with some hard minerals thus ending u being hard.

Since it is always quite a challenge using hard water, you should always ensure that it is softened first before reaching the consumption stage. This is normally achieved by use of a water softener. However, people find it a challenge going for the best water softener since there are various types in the current market. For this reason, you should always consider various factors when choosing a water softer thus ensuring that you pick the best.

These factors are:

  • Effectiveness. This will determine the quality of your water at the end of the entire process. Bearing in mind that choosing the most effective method maybe a challenge, you should consider checking out the various Water Softener Reviews as this will give you a wide scope of the views of various users who had their experience with the different products.
  • Cost. In most cases, products are normally over rated thus ending up being overpriced. The user should understand that the price of any product does not necessarily reflect its quality. For this reason, he should not go for an expensive water softener while else there exist a different model at a lower cost which can serve the same purpose and give the same quality.
  • Durability. This is always a challenge to people who have had no experience with any water softener. However, it is possible to know the quality of the product based on the reviews from people who had past experience with the product. This can be achieved by direct interview or reading online reviews.
  • Complexity. Some water softeners are just way too complex to handle and use. This becomes a challenge to the users. For this reason, you should ensure that the type of water softener you opt to purchase is easy to use. This can be achieved by reading the manual first before purchase.
  • Size. This normally goes hand in hand with the level of demand of the softened water. You should ensure that you know the amount of water you require and thus avoiding cases of buying a big water softener that will just make you end-up spending more money or buying a small one that will cause inconvenience.
  • Consumption Safety. Once the water has been softened, it should be safe for consumption. This ensures that the user’s health is well taken care of. If your water softener does not produce water that is safe for consumption, then you will have to undergo an extra cost in treating the water.

Having chosen the right water softener for your use, you will be guaranteed of enjoying using soft water at any time thus keeping your taps and sinks free from being clogged-up and clean too.

‘Neko Atsume’ Tricks And Cheats: Kitty Collector Tips To Getting Rare Cats

Crazy Japanese kitty collecting game neko atsume cheats rare cats is focused on inviting cats to stay in your yard, simply by setting out goodies and food. When your gadget is turned-off, kitties will arrive for eating and have fun with the toys you have provided.

It really is simple to draw in random cats, however, drawing the rare kitties – calls for really specific goodies, specific food types, and lots of waiting. Below you will discover all you have to understand about attracting the rare cats to your yard so that you can easily fill up the cat book. Simply set-out suitable goody or food, and then cross the fingers and hope for rare kitty comes to visit once you turn off your smartphone.

First of all, you need fish

Fish are the main currency in Neko Atsume, so making the most of fish income is extremely important. The greatest initial items for acquiring fish are the ping pong ball, red ball, and small cardboard box.

They are all quite cheap, however, can net you up to 32 silver fish once kitties use them. So what does this relate with rare cats? Actually, rare cats just visit if particular toys and food are present in your yard, and all of those will cost you fish. Alternative methods to acquire more fish feature entering Neko Atsume’s daily password and regularly refilling your food bowl with all of the free food available in order to keep those kitties coming.

After that, you’ll need a plan

Each of the kitties in Neko Atsume possesses a personality. It is not only luck when particular cats show up. As an example Tatejima-san is a cat that has on a baseball uniform, so possessing a baseball out is crucial for getting him to visit.

Listed below are several other solutions to get unique cats:

  • Twisty Rail – this particular tunnel toy could bring out Ekichou-san, the train conductor kitty.
  • Sashimi and Mari ball – The two items mixed results in bringing out Maromayu-san, a kitty wearing some traditional Japanese duds.
  • Stove or Flower Vase – Bistro-san is actually a premium chef cat, so when you provide him with the appropriate tools or ambience, he might arrive!nekoatsume3.0.0

However, probably the most common Neko Atsume cheat for rare cats is to purchase the pretty expensive Cardboard Choo-Choo that costs 60 goldfish. This will probably seem a little costly but it is also a smart investment because it can house up to 4 cats and also has special benefit of drawing the rare Conductor Whiskers cat.

Different good investment is the Kotatsu that also costs 60 goldfish. Simply like the Cardboard Choo-Choo, it could house up to 4 kitties and attracts a another rare cat, the Saint Purrtrick. Although a lot of these “Neko Atsume” cheats for rare cats are helpful, it has to be mentioned that they appeal to various types of gaming. Some skilled game enthusiasts stated that while there are lots of guidelines available, it’s still better to search for the one which fits a certain playing style of the player.

Is Your Country Banned By Netflix And Hulu? No Problem!

Sadly, downloading movies and TV shows online is illegal in many countries. This usually happens because movie and TV show production companies do not get a royalty for people who download and watch their content outside of their jurisdiction. This is a big problem when you live in a country that is not English speaking and does not have deals with big-ticket movie networks. The end result is that you do not get to watch those movies anywhere, not even on the National TV. This has been my experience recently while visiting Senegal. You have to pay a premium just to watch international movies and shows. Totally unacceptable!

Even if you want to subscribe to networks like Hulu or Netflix, they still have no need for your money because your whole country is banned.

Here is a quick and easy way around this issue. You will be able to watch the latest movies and TV shows where ever you are in the world with this method. If Netflix does not want your money then good riddance! They clearly do not understand the concept of vulgarization. If they did then they would have embraced members from currently forbidden countries.

– Enter Torrent

The best way around this issue is torrenting. By using torrents, you can download almost anything available online. This includes the latest movies and TV shows.
If it is not a hassle for you to download a small software and install it on your PC or smartphone, then the whole world of media entertainment opens up for you.

– Welcome to the world of streaming!

With streaming, nothing is stored on your computer and it does not take any hard drive space. It only takes a few hundred megabytes to stream the movie, but that’s it.
Here are four of the best streaming applications you can download and start streaming right away.


One of the oldest P2P application that allows you to stream movies and TV shows straight to your desktop. It is primarily used by millions of people to download torrent files. uTorrent Pro gives you the ability to stream movies and TV shows. As you may have guessed, uTorrent Pro is a paid app. Not expensive, mind you, but still paid.

-Popcorn Time

The original popcorn time is dead in the water. The developers abandoned the project without giving any explanation. While it lasted, it was, possibly, the best streaming application in the world. There remain many clones of popcorn time that still work.

-Show Box

A brand-new app that works on android and offers seamless streaming of the latest movies and TV shows. We like how the app looks, with its modern feel and fast performance. Almost all movies and TV shows that exist can be streamed with this ShowBox app.


A torrent application that doubles as a streaming app. Unlike uTorrent, BitLord can stream movies and TV shows for free. I particularly like the way it looks, and the design fits Window 10 like a glove. The only minor problem I have with it is the advertising at the bottom. Those of the best tools out of the streaming crop. I hope you find them useful. If Netflix and Hulu banned your country, then you don’t want them! Use the apps above to stream to your hearts content in possibly better quality.

Showbox Download for Android

We all have a favorite TV show, even when it is not being aired anymore. For the mosf part we love TV shows that are constantly being aired and new episodes fly out. However, most of the time, we don’t have the time to watch TV at the moment our show is on.

Some would scream; Netflix! However, the idea of spending eight dollars a month to be coerced by your little brother out of your account is just not okay with you. You want something personal. You want something you don’t have to stream but can if you wished to. You want something with a vast repertoire of TV shows and if that is the case my friend, you want Showbox.

There are hundreds of free movie and TV show watching services and apps out there. Nonetheless, showbox posseses a friendly interface, a download and a stream button and a database worth envying. The best part of it all os that as an Android user it is absolutely free! Iff you don’t mind an occasional pop up or an ad, this app will be perfect for you.

Now, for the most grand surprise you’ll have with this glorious app is that contraire to what its name will sell you it also offers you movie downloads. Which is great because we all need a break from the addictive series binge watching. Showbox download is completely free and completely secure on your phone. You can download the Showbox from here
You can choose to save the movie or show file on your internal or external memory or simply stream it. The app is small in size and provides you with a wide array of movies and shows old, not so old and as new as posible. The app is not available on the Play Store but it can be downloaded on the side.