Defend Yourself, Even If You Feel Defenseless

In criminology terms assault is an act of physical harm that harms an individual. Sexual assault is an act of physical harm that has sexual motives. This is commonly known as rape in most parts of world, but rape is just a fraction of what sexual assault really is. Rape is more of a specific term, because it defines the actual penetration of a victim. Yet, sexual assault also includes heinous acts such as the groping of an individual, kissing them without consent, or the torture of an individual in any sexual manner.

It is often thought that sexual assault is only committed by men and that women are always the victim of sexual crimes. This is a complete myth and the fact is that, about 20% of the victims are male. That may not be as high as women victims, but the number is not negligible.

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It is estimated that yearly 440,000 acts of sexual assault are committed in Canada alone. A country that is known for its low crime rate and friendly people. What is more alarming, is that only a very few people come forward to make a formal complaint against their assaulter. In fact, only 33 out of 1000 people come forwards and only 3 of these cases leads to a conviction. That means an alarmingly high number of toronto sexual assault get off without any punishment at all.

This may be the reason that only 6 cases out of every 100 is even taken to higher authorities. Another issue is that, 60% of these victims are under the age of 17, which means that they might not even be aware of their rights. It might also be said that the victims fear for their future safety and the fact that even though they are filing a complaint; their assaulters will not face any punishment. Another key issue is that about 80% of the assailants are relatives and/or friends of the victim. Which makes it even harder to come forward. Victims fear that they will be shut down and will not be believed even if they came forward with their experience and decide to keep it to themselves.

Sexual assault is a huge issue and a major reform needs to occur in terms of laws and awareness. Sexual assault lawyers can be one of the key players in influencing a more stringent punishment and strict law reform for sexual assault cases. If victims felt safe enough to speak with a lawyer, that would make a huge difference in the number of people that actually make a formal complaint.

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Sexual assault lawyers in Toronto and all over Canada are readily available to assist victims and ensure that they receive justice. There is an abundance of lawyers that are readily available not only help victims, but to ensure that the assaulters receive the punishment that they deserve. Victims need to be made aware that even thought they are victims; they are not powerless, they have the right and ability to defend themselves.

Commercial Cleaning And Its Importance

Cleanliness is defined as the state or quality of being clean or being kept clean.” Despite having a solid definition of what cleanliness is, the actual interpretation is different all around the world.

Yet, most people do have a similar belief about cleanliness: cleanliness is~ next to godliness.”

With the Greater Toronto Area area becoming one of the most swiftly progressing and populated areas in Canada, there is a huge of influx of business. Mostly being commercial and public service class. A commercial business is a business that caters to a very large variety of individuals. Commercial businesses are mostly brick and mortar and either provide a service or sells products. Examples of commercial businesses are:

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  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Pharmacies
  • Departmental Stores
  • Gyms
  • Company Offices
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Warehouses

When it comes to commercial businesses, cleanliness is the key to attracting customers. Just imagine, going into a departmental store looking to pick up groceries. When you walk into the store, everything is a huge mess. There is merchandise on the floor, the shelves are not neatly arranged, and there seems to be an air of chaos in the store. Would you feel like spending an hour of your time walking through the store and trying to find the products you want to purchase, or would you walk out and go to another store? I personally would have run out of that store as if it were on fire!

Coming back to reality though, in recent times have you ever been in a large store that was not clean and extremely neat? A store that had merchandise cluttered all over the floor? A store that was so unorganized that you could not find what you were looking for?

I cannot recall the last time I walked into a store and thought that it was dirty. I always feel like the store is very neatly laid out and encourages me to spend more time there. This is because businesses now understand how important it is to ensure that their premises are extremely clean and presentable to the customers at all times. commercial cleaning toronto is becoming more important as businesses and the community as a whole keep growing.

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This is because a clean and neat environment automatically induces customers to feel more at ease and comfortable. Ultimately, this will lead to them to feel unhurried and will take more time just to have a look through what your store has to offer. This will in turn lead to higher customer satisfaction and even more sales and customer loyalty.

Commercial cleanliness is an extremely important aspect in today’s market place. Without having a clean workplace, how does a business expect to attract new consumers and not drive away the existing customers? This is why there are so many services that have been created to help businesses focus on the crucial tasks, while rudimentary tasks like cleaning are handled seamlessly and rapidly by other companies.


Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. One of the hardest naturally occurring substances in the world is one of the most bought jewelleries on earth right after gold. Diamond is an allotrope of carbon and is created deep in the mantle of the earth due to tremendous pressure and heat and is found in volcanic regions. Nowadays diamonds can be certain artificial methods, in which graphite is converted into diamond by creating conditions similar to that of the earth’s mantle.LARGE+DIAMOND+BUYER+TAMPA,+DIAMOND+BUYER+DALLAS,+DIAMOND+BUYER+NEW+YORK,+DIAMOND+BUYER+MIAMI,+DIAMOND+BUYER+BEVERLY+HILLS,+SELL+MY+DIAMOND,+DIAMOND+BUYER+ORLANDO,+SELL+  Diamond’s cost us a fortune and lot of hard work goes into carving them out of the raw minerals into the finished products that we slide into the fingers of our dearest ones. Most diamonds don’t lose their values through time as they are un-reactive most elements and maintain their shape and beauty but selling them can be very tricky as they aren’t valued according to their weight like gold which is melted into its liquid form before using it again.shutterstock_134782094


Selling diamond is very tricky as it doesn’t have any fixed but you can definitely sell your old diamond ring for some good bucks. Don’t expect any profit from your product because most of the people who will buy used diamond pieces will plan to sell it on profit or else they would have just bought a piece of jewellery from the diamond retailer shop instead of buying a used one.

Visit an acquaintance that has knowledge in jewelleries and get an estimate of your piece, don’t expect too much. You can even check out eBay and check out all the done deals on diamond that were sold second hand, that will give you a rough estimate of how much to expect. Always remember to do the research before attempting to sell your jewellery because experienced businessmen can overwhelm you into selling your diamond piece for way less than what it is worth.

You can sell your diamond at any local retailer or if you are in a hurry you can visit your local pawnshop but they won’t offer you much and will be cheating you a lot. You can even try eBay and craigslist if you have previously sold items on these websites before. There are many more websites where you can sell your jewellery if you want to sell it online.

Always be ready to sell your diamond because getting rid of something that has been with you for so long that it has is not very easy and many people regret their decision of selling their beloved diamond.

Your Guide To Vaping!

Ever heard of a vaporizers shop? If you aren’t familiar with the term, let me clue you in on it. But before going into the details, let us touch upon a related topic. Smoking is like a toxic weed that has taken root deep into our society and it has given birth to a multitude of health issues, most of which affect the throat and respiratory system. In fact, it is known to be an active participant towards causing cancer among unsuspecting smokers who indulge in this for recreation and other purposes. Smoking is a highly detrimental activity and has innumerable undesirable effects and this is why it has to be curbed at the earliest. However, it happens to be highly addictive which is why there are a number of rehabs and self-help books which are dedicated to the cause of helping smokers quit. Some methods are more effective than others but usually, depriving the body of nicotine all of a sudden can backfire due to the presence of withdrawal symptoms. Keeping this in mind, one has to adopt an option which acts as a substitute but is less harmful. And the perfect match to this requirement happens to be vaping!

What is vaping?

Vaping is basically a tobacco-free version of smoking and it involves inhaling flavored liquid vapor through a vaporizer. It replicates the feeling of smoking because the vapor inhaled comes from the heated liquid and it sends the nicotine hit that smokers so desperately crave. Being the brainchild of a Chinese chemist Hon Lik, vaping climbed the ladders of popularity remarkably fast. The vaporizer has a unique construction and it consists of a battery, a tube, a cartridge to hold the liquid, an atomizer to heat it and the e-liquid itself.


These vaporizers are available at vaporizers’ shops on the internet for extremely nominal prices. The liquid consists of vegetable glycerine, variable amounts of nicotine and flavoring. The nicotine strengths can vary from zero to 24 mg and it is the personal discretion of the user to choose this concentration. Another factor that is alluring is the fact that the liquid used is flavoured with a number of ingredients which give rise to exotic and unique flavours. Cinnamon, vanilla, cotton candy, raspberry, caramel cheesecake; the list of flavours is endless.

Advantages of vaping over smoking:

Apart from reducing the chances of cancer drastically, vaping also ensures that a number of other disadvantages of smoking are eliminated. One can bid goodbye to bad breath as well as cigarette burns and encountering a dirty ashtray becomes absolutely redundant. Vaping is also light on the pocket in the long run whereas cigarettes are a long-term investment. But most importantly, this gives smokers the hope to quit a life-threatening habit like smoking. Many have tried and failed, but vaping is more effective due to the fact that the smokers have a substitute to their aid when the urge gets out of hand.

Is vaping safe and legal?

However, the question to be asked is whether vaping is legal or not. The act of smoking is scorned by many but this is not the case with vaping. It is legal in almost every country but one must take care to abide by the basic etiquette. The latest models of the vaporizers also allow a person to carry it around freely and this feature has opened the gates to more flexible vaping that can be done anytime, anywhere.


But the real pressing issue at hand is the safety of this activity. The primary purpose for its invention was to reduce the health risks of smoking, but what about other adverse effects? Due to its relatively recent conception, the long term effects of vaping are unknown. However, even though the liquid contains nicotine, it does not have tobacco, which means that the heart and arteries are shielded from any danger. The presence of flames and fire is completely eliminated and the social stigma which accompanies smoking is also gone.

Cigarette butts is a distant sight due to vaping and the hope to live a healthier life is reignited in every smoker’s life. Quitting smoking can seem like a Herculean task, but if approached correctly, it can be achieved too. Vaping is the new, healthier alternative and it has the potential to undo the knots of disease and affliction that smoking has inflicted on our society. After all, a full-grown weed cannot be uprooted at once, it needs to be removed little by little, until one day, we end up with the original healthy and beautiful garden!

Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries are rather very unfortunate and I’m pretty sure that nobody wanted it to happen but they do end up happening due to the inabilities of the doctors, nurses or midwives and even sometimes ourselves too. Birth injuries could be in both the mother or the child or even both. Birth injuries could be due to too quick deliveries or slow deliveries, abnormal position of the child during the child’s birth, forceps and vacuum extraction and other reasons. These end up damaging the tissues and vital organs of the child and the effects are shown instantly or sometimes later, when the child is growing up and maturing. The mother is also injured sometimes or she can be even traumatized due to the results of her delivery but Thank God, due to the advancements in medicine today, the chances of birth injuries have decreased by a huge margin nowadays and if you think there was some kind of malpractice in your loved ones delivery then you can consult a birth injuries lawyer, who falls under the broader array of personal injuries lawyer so that you can take your case against a particular organization and person and win some settlement for the losses that you faced. This will also ensure that the particular person and organization is brought in the correct light.premature-delivery WHO IS A BIRTH INJURY LAWYER?

Many a times your delivery doesn’t go as planned due to the inability of the medical assistances as they didn’t pay complete attention to the patient or were not qualified to be in the position , then you can consult a birth injury lawyer who is going to review your case to check for any malpractices and see if your claim has any worth or not. If he finds the case good enough then he is going to take up your case.shutterstock_1924058-300x200

It’s completely normal for the lawyers to file for a settlement with the responsible authorities and if both the parties come to settlement then the case gets closed or else the case gets pulled to the court. When the case gets pulled to the court both the parties have the authority to know who each party is producing as witness and what evidence you have against them.

The parents and the child are remunerated for their medical losses, money required to treat the injuries, compensation for wasting their time as the mother may not be able to work with the physical and mental trauma and also the mental trauma caused to the parents of the child. Depending on the cases you will be remunerated for various reasons

Always go for a lawyer who works under contingency fee, which means that the lawyer will get paid only after the case has been won and the lawyer will receive a part of the settlement as pre-decided. Most personal injury lawyers work under contingency fee as they know that most of the times its tough for parents to afford both the fees of the lawyer and the fees required in the rehabilitation for the child and the mother.

How to get bigger buttocks?

Trending craze for a slim body and perfect body shape has been increasing among both the genders. But many are looking out for gaining weight in certain body parts to get a perfect and a sexy figure.

Specially girls with a skinny body, who are looking out for weight gain but without making the body look bulky, the best way is to gain weight in the buttocks. The main question which arises is “ how to get bigger buttocks?”. Is it only by consuming calories?. Here is an answer and a solution to your question.


Ways to get bigger buttocks:

The rate of gaining weight for a body though greatly depends on the genetics, but healthy food in proper proportion, along with certain exercise, yoga poses will help gaining weight for your buttocks. And of course certain tactics of dressing along with diet and exercise play a great role in getting bigger buttocks.

  1. Right amount of protein containing food.
  2. Exercise and yoga poses to target and strengthen butt muscles.
  3. Dressing tactics.

Foods containing protein should be added to your daily food. Foods containing mixed nuts, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, lean beef, tofu, cottage cheese, veggies, legumes should be made compulsory in the daily diet.

Adding calories to the diet in such a way that it is not converted into sugars.

Peanut butter should be made a must for breakfast or snacks accompanied by dairy products.

Another most  important is intake of plenty of water.

Just eating plenty of food won’t give ur butt a fit and toned look. Instead it may so happen that the calories you intake may be transferred to other body parts also other than your butt. This will just make you look fat and bulky. Hence it is very important to exercise daily along with intake of proteins. Our butt is a muscle i.e gluteal muscles. In order to make your butt firm, toned and bigger there are a few exercises we need to workout. Warm up exercises or just jogging for 10 mins everyday before starting with the exercise is a good practice. Squats , lunges , climbing stairs, and a few yoga poses helps to open up your hips and make ur butt look big. Reclined bound angle pose, frog pose, happy baby pose are a few yoga poses that really help to open up your hips. Just one exercise won’t help you get good results, so try doing 3-4 types of exercises daily. And increase the repetitions or the cycles of exercise everyday according to your capacity. Don’t try doing everything at a time. Make sure that you perform each exercise or the yoga poses properly with proper postures. For this you may seek information from a gym trainer or a yoga trainer. You can try out squats with weights under the guidance of gym traineer.

Another way to make your butt look bigger is by getting a toned belly. Not abs but just a flat toned belly will do.

The above 2 important aspects will definitely help you get a bigger, toned, firm and a sexier butt. But the way you present yourself makes a large difference. A few dressing tactics which will really get out the best of your looks and your body shapes are listed below:


  • Try to concentrate on your waist. Dress up in such a way that ur waist is highlighted and is well defined. This will make you look thinner near the waist or your belly and in turn give a nice bulky look for your butt.
  • Avoid wearing loose jeans or pants. Wear a skinny fit jeans but with proper fitting according to your body measurements.
  • While wearing a dress, make sure that you wear a dress such that it has a good fitting at your waist line.
  • Wear jeans or trousers which has pockets at the butt position i.e rear pockets.
  • For girls wearing high heel sandals will make a difference too.
  • Wearing padded inner wears or underwears is another way of getting bigger buttocks artificially.

The most important thing is patience, practice and hardwork. If you follow all these rules and workout daily you will surely see the results. But all you require is patience and hardwork. After all “ you need to spend something , to get something”. So get set go. Get sexier buttocks and a confident life.

Philosophy: A Subject To Enlighten

From the childhood days, to the teenager’s life, we all had been through this word “Philosophy”.  The word “philosopher” used as an adjective for the author in our literature and history books. It appears to be boring and weird. It is considered something related to كتبor studying.  But in reality it is nothing like that. So what does this word actually means? What it is related to?

a girl is having some doubts..

To define philosophy in simple terms, then it is study of reality. Philosophy is made of two words: philo and Sophia. Philo indicates devotion and Sophia symbolizes wisdom. So in all Philosophy is the term used to indicate devotion or love to the wisdom. It is the investigation that deals with the nature. It is deep thought process evolving subject that concerns mainly with fundamental matters like knowledge, Values, language, existence, reason and mind. It can be used as a synonym of learning or wisdom. It deals with providing meaning to life and explores a new set of ideas. It deals with living a wise life that includes all the phases of life.


And the people who study this subject are termed as philosophers. Philosophers are basically the persons who try to attain this wisdom. They are the people who are not afraid of questions. Questions like:  What is the meaning of life?  Where is our society heading up? What is love? Etc are the problems that are ignored by commons. Commons like us are not very much comfortable with these questions and tend to ignore them in public. But philosophers take them seriously. They give a deep thought to these issues, observe society and themselves, and do a great research on it.

Philosophers challenge public opinion.

They just don’t simply accept the fact that is established and accepted by all. They think about the fact logically and then make an opinion. They are the people who focus to learn about themselves before anyone else.  They examine their own mind first; give importance of self-knowledge more than anything else.  They analyses their emotions and feelings. This way they prepare themselves for the counterintuitive, dangerous and unexpected situations.

Philosophers are the people who observe the tiny details of life very accurately and lead a life of fulfilment. Some of the famous philosophers of history are: Socrates, Aristotle, Confucius , Plato and many more.

So overall we can conclude that philosophy is not just a subject but it is a way to practice wisdom at both society as well as individual level.

Talking so much about philosophy and philosophers, one may find it very difficult and hard to approach. But this is not the case. Philosophy is the wide subject and there are many branches of it. You can choose any one and start working on it. Those branches are:

1.)    Metaphysics

2.)    Ethics

3.)    Politics

4.)    Epistemology

5.)    Esthetics

Metaphysics: Basically Metaphysics deals with the study of existence. It deals with the physics. In this branch basically laws of nature in which we are living are studied. Here we sought to find the question of answer: “What is?” This subject is basic foundation of philosophy.

Ethics:  This branch deals with the basic morals of human being. It defines the rights and wrongs of human spirit. It is basically the study of actions. It deals with the answering the question “What do I Do?” How should I react?  It is also referred by the name “moral philosophy “.

Politics: This subject is very much related to the branch of ethics. It defines the behaviour of a large group namely governments and nations. It is the subject dealing with the study of force. It defines the ethics related to a particular group that how a particular group should be set up and so on.

Epistemology: The most important thing is “How to pursue?” This branch deals with this question. It is basically the study of knowledge that defines our “How”.  It branch includes the topics like the logical reasoning, the nature of concepts, ideas, constructing of concepts etc.

Esthetics: This subject deals with the life. It defines the art. It is related to the study of art.

Apart from these, branches are several another branches too in philosophy. They are Philosophy of law, Philosophy of mathematics etc.

Slim Body in only 21 days

A good body is a dream of many. By good body, one means, a fit and a slim looking body. But in today’s lifestyle, having and maintaining a healthy body is difficult. Obesity is becoming one of the major concerns. Many people who suffer with obesity, dream for a fit body ad find it almost impossible to have one. From an obese figure to a slim figure, lots of efforts, time, determination and money are required.  What if someone says that you can get a good body in just 21 days??tendencias_fitness_en_2015 Yes, in 21 days, one get can a beach type body, provided strict diet and regular exercises plan that are mentioned to be followed. If you want a good looking body in just three weeks then you have to follow 21 day fix extreme routine. This extreme routine is not very extreme; it just means that you have to follow the rules strictly. Some of the rules are:Total Body Health and Fitness Yoga

  • In the 21 day fix diet, you are allowed to eat everything, but in a fix proportion. Your diet will be decided by your weight.
  • You have to do specified exercises daily, for at least half an hour. There will be bunch of exercises that you need to do. There will be a set of 6 workouts for different body parts. You can check them on the DVD of 21 day fix.

Coming to diet first, then for diet, you have to maintain seven containers of different colours. Those seven containers are:

  • Green colour container :It is for vegetables
  • Purple colour container: It is for Fruits
  • Red colour container :It should be maintained for proteins
  • Yellow colour container: This container will have carbs food in it.
  • Blue colour container :It is for fats and cheese
  • Orange colour: There will be two containers of this colour and will contain dressings and seeds in proper amounts.
  • One cup for shake/ drink.

These are the containers that will be required. According to the weight and calorie requirement of your body, we will be fulfilling the container. First let us do some calculations and find out the necessary calorie intake for your body. To find out the calorie requirement, follow the following steps:

  • Pen down your weight (in lbs).
  • Find the product of your weight with 11 and add this product with 400. The result of this calculation is the amount of calories your body need to maintain your current weight.
  • To lose the weight, you need to lessen the calorie requirement of your body. You need to set the targeted calorie. To calculate this value, subtract 750 from the above calculated calorie requirement. You will get the targeted calories value. And according to this value, your diet will be decided.

If your targeted calories lies in the range of 1200-1499, then 3 you require three bowls of green container, 2 bowls of purple, 4 bowls of red, and one bowl of each blue and orange containers. Accordingly check your diet in the below table:

Targeted Calories Green Purple Red Yellow Blue Orange Table Spoons
1200-1499 3 2 4 2 1 1 2
1500-1799 4 3 4 3 1 1 4
1800-2099 5 3 5 4 1 1 5
2100-2300 6 4 6 4 1 1 6

So if you follow the mentioned diet plan and go by the DVD’s mentioned routine, you can have a good body in just 21 days.

A Brief Review on Sweat with Kayla App

Kayla Itsines has reasonably garnered the reputation of world’s reliable and premier fitness expert and guru. She has already helped many women to have sexy and bikini body with her BBG guide. After the success of her Bikini Body Guide, she has now release an interesting fitness product for all which is called as Sweat with Kayla App. The previous fitness program called BBG was a success hit amongst the women across the world. It is basically an12-week strength and cardio circuit workout program which is totally different from other fitness programs as it helps you to lose weight per week and help you to get the sexy figure that you dreamt of always.Cover_Story_72dpi-702x468

What is Sweat with Kayla All About?

Alike all other mobile applications, Sweat with Kayla App is a fitness application which is made available for all Android, iPad, iOS phone users. There is also a web version of this fitness program that people may access directly from the official website of Kayla Itsines. This fitness application is available in a variety of languages for the convenience of the users including:

  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • English

The basic concept of this fitness application is similar to that of BBG 1.0 and BBG 2.0. The application let you know about daily exercising regime which you need to follow to achieve the sexy figure and lose body weight successfully. The most interesting fact about this fitness application is that a BBG 3.0 with latest workouts is included that will take you to past week 24. H.E.L.P which is a nutrition guide is also included in this fitness application and also comprises the diet guide and daily meal plans for the users. According to Kayla Itsines, it is the lifestyle coaching platform that claims for great improvements ahead.

How Sweat with Kayla App is Helpful?free-yoga-class-in-dubai

Sweat with Kayla App is very helpful when you stick to the exercising program and nutrition guide thoroughly. You need to follow the instructions that are offered to you through this application. Moreover, you need to have great degree of patience in order to achieve the figure you dreamt of always. The application is free to download, but you need to subscribe for a month or complete three month by paying a fee, depending upon your necessity. There is a trail offer for seven days and thereafter you need to purchase the membership to avail the benefits offered by the Sweat with Kayla Itsines App.

Pokémasters, it’s time: Gotta catch ‘em all!

The world is caught in a storm again, but no, it’s not an issue about Donald Trump or Brexit or climate changes! It’s what caused waves several years ago on the Cartoon Network, it’s Pokémon Go! By bringing this really cool and free-to-play concept of combining reality with digital arena of Pokémon; Niantic, Inc. have made sure that there will be no couch-potatoes now! The game, which is available for both iOS and android and makes use of GPS and camera, has allowed the users to enter the virtual world of Pokémon, while making them rush to various real-life locations in order to search and capture Pokémon and hatch eggs!3-Screenshot-of-Pokemon-GO As Pokémasters around the world are getting involved, the level of competitions had drastically increased! Everyone wishes to catch rare Pokémon and own Gyms. But then, it is not that easy, is it? Therefore, here are some Pokémon Go cheats to help you advance fast, smoothly and effortlessly!

Pokémon Go has a simple rule: To catch precious Pokémon, enter into combats, take over Gyms. Now for this, you simply need to walk, run, cycle, and drive, or, you can find a shortcut to avoid roaming around unwillingly. In order to hatch eggs, the trainer needs to complete a certain distance, which can also be done by fooling your GPS, by sticking your mobile phone or device to some rotating or moving object like an automatic vacuum cleaner, fan or even your pet. Well, if you want your phone in a good condition later, you may want to secure and strap it there properly! A less risky option is to constantly move your phone around home or workplace to give GPS an idea that your trainer is actually walking! But hey, if you really want rare Pokémon, you’ll have to reach special regions- water bodies, meadows, hills and mountains- by yourself.5jpg-9b270c_765w

Now, everyone wishes to get themselves a Pikachu at the very beginning, just like Ash did! And for this, all you need is patience. Deny all other Pokémon that the game offers initially (Squirtle , Bulbasaur and Charmander). Just get out on your journey and after some time, either you will be offered a Pikachu or you will spot one!

To attract other exciting Pokémon, you can use the Incence or Lure Module items. Application of these items can be spotted by pink petals that make Pokéstops the spots of finding lured Pokémon!

To win Gym combats, it would be a fair idea to join teams with your friends, so that your rivals lose quickly.

There are several Pokémon Tool hacks provided on the Internet, and that, you can explore, but at your own risk, as the developers of the game have made sure of its security. There is also a Fake Location Spoofer application and a Location Faker application to lessen you efforts.

But remember, shortcuts only reduce the sheer joy of playing the game properly by the long way. So, consider this before going for the cheats!

Add a New Dimension to Luxurious Living with Marina One

Giving a new meaning to the words “Prestigious Living”, the Marina One residences are definitely a class apart. Situated amidst the bustling and posh financial district of Singapore, one of the world’s foremost cosmopolitan city, the architecture and grandeur of this condominium has certainly caught the attention (and fancy) of the entire world. And it totally deserves all the attention and adulation that it has been receiving over the last couple of years. Even in the conception phase, it won three top awards at the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards 2012.


The complex consists of four tall towers in total, all connected by an elevated garden – The Green Heart. This is an elevated landscape which seamlessly connects all the four buildings and brings forth nature, architecture and sculpture all at one place. Two of the towers, the 34-storeyed ones are residential, and the other two, the 30-storeyed ones are commercial.


The residential towers have spacious and luxurious units in them, ranging from 1-4 bedroom apartments to even penthouses. The entire condominium has been built in such a way that you will never have to take even a short drive in order to meet your everyday needs or access regular amenities. You can get them all at one place.


The Marina One residences floor plan is surely the work of a genius. The 1-bedroom apartments are measured at 657-775 sq ft, 2-bedroom apartments at 969-1,130 sq ft, 2-bedroom + Study apartments at 1,141-2163 sq ft, 3-bedroom apartments at 1,507-1,539 sq ft, 4-bedroom apartments at 2,045-2,250 sq ft and the penthouses at 6,469-8,568 sq ft. Marking them as spacious is kind of underestimating them. They are huge, let’s just be honest about it. Add to that the benefit of living in a prime location like Marina South. You will be in extreme vicinity of both the Marina Station Square and the Central Linear Park. What more can anyone want?


Considerations For Picking Best Air Fryer And Two Air Fryer Awards

Air fryers are one of those kitchen appliances which offer you to cook food without oil.

That sounds right for a healthy food

What? It is not possible cooking without oil.

It is possible perhaps. The air fryer duty is to replace the usage of oil with the air. It is a healthy kitchen appliance. The best air fryer in the market provide you the most reliable feature on your daily cooking demands. It is obvious that when a new product is been launched in the market, then there is no doubt a better and bitter competition in the market. It is said that the bitter competition because many of the brands start their products and then release in the market, some of them have fruitful acceptance but few of them will have bitter experience because of the customer’s disappointment. The first air fryers were started in North America and Europe in 2010 and then Japan started it selling which then followed by other countries.

The working of the air fryer cooking is circulating the hot air around the food to cook. At a high speed, the mechanical fan circulates the hot air around food. The temperature of the hot air will be at 200 degree census.

There are a lot of air fryers, but you need to research on internet.

It takes so much of your time, isn’t it? In that angle is the way this article will help you.

Now, we shall look at some considerations to pick the best air fryers in the market.


  • Capacity and Wattage:

A normal air fryer requires 800 to 1400 watts but before you go for a thought of buying one for you, make sure that you have the supply of required watts for an air fryer in your kitchen. Capacity is one more thing to look out for, in an air fryer. A general air fryer cooks in between 1.5 pounds to 2.5 pounds at one time. And the choice will be yours from then after, to pick one for you for your needs.

  • Settings and Size:

Almost all air fryers have the same design but few of the brands try to show case their product different from that of others.

Obviously, “First impression is always the best impression”

But air fryers are not to be placed in a shelf or a cupboard as a show piece because it has some work to be done. It has to perform some action to complete the daily food tasks. Most of the air fryers come with the 360 degree and with timers. But customers prefer high temperature air fryers so that they can finish their work within no time and more settings included improving the stability. Most of the air fryers are compact in size that fits in your kitchen space.

  • Features:

Most of the air fryers in the market consume minimum level of oil, but many of the customers go to the market in search for oil free air fryer. There are multipurpose air fryers which can make different types of food at a time. And other main features like digital programmable settings, non-stick surfaces and rapid cook technology.


  • Price:

No doubt, these air fryers can go start their prices in the market with a price tag of $100. As there are no stable calculations for price tag if you want a featured air fryer like easy cleanup and efficient frying. Those have the restricted budget can go with mid range air fryers, as they lack of features but there is nothing to do about it when you are up for the market with a restricted budget. And the people who are in the market for an air fryer and not worried about the budget can go for more options.

Considering these points in mind, we have one top winner which is best of the best:

  • Philips HD9220/26 Digital Air Fryer:

This is not one of the best air fryers, this is the best of the best air fryers in the market till date while considering the price and features that it offers. With a price tag of $165, it offers rapid cool technology and the most reliable air fryer. This Philips air fryer has been awarded with “best of best” award. It is obviously an expensive appliance, but when you consider the brand, you cannot take out your step in buying of Philips appliances, the most reliable brand in the market for appliances.

Some handy features and the higher customer rating brought this product into the competition and made this to be the best one to add to your kitchen environment. It has the double layer rack which can maximize the cooking surface and the digital touch screen which offers is the best in class and one can adjust the temperature to 390 degrees.


When you consider the taste of the food, you can have some delicious food with no calories and fat adding to your body. Manufacturer states that cooking food with this can reduce up to 70% of fat content.  All the customers of Philips air fryer mentioned the food taste to be good and textured fried food. If you want an appliance which can help you to make crispy fried food then this Philips is one brand which you can trust and go forward for a buy. The major problem with this air fryer is that it consumes more space in your kitchen and if you have small kitchen, then you could probably be face a lot of issues during the space. It has the higher quality in the market against its competitors.

Best bang for your buck:

  • GoWise USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer:

Among the different brands in the market of air fryers, it is one of the best air fryers in the market which can cook fast, with circulatory technology, it cooks low fat food.  At the price tag of $99, this air fryer has some good mid range features than can definitely be best for your bucks. Best for your bucks is the award which this air fryer was awarded.