Just a quick trip to malls brings an image of you along with your friends or your family. But that image is too old. It’s time to conjure new image. Despite the fact that malling is best done with your best friends, you can have the same amount of fun and productivity as you go to malls on your own.

Please allow me to show you a couple of ways on how you can make this happen.

Number 1. Window Shopping

Window shop is actually a nice way of spending time with yourself without having to spend significant amount of money. As you are window shopping, you may glean inspiration on how you can use existing items, have mental notes of what you want to buy in the future or feed your curiosity of new trends and items of the season.

Number 2. Enjoy the Moment

One of the benefits of solo shopping is the fact that it gives the ability of staying or roaming as long as you want.

When you’re shopping with others, you need to compromise since you’re working on shared timetable. When your own however, you may linger in different stores, try out different clothes as much as you want without thinking of other people feeling tired or hungry or simply, wanting to go home.