As a young adult, Steve Aoki, the electronic dance music producer plus an award-winning DJ, linked a sub-genre of hardcore punk known as straight edge

Aoki suggests “It was a fantastic factor to learn about instruments, play songs in a group set up, learn just how to perform with others and just understand that the barrier of access is not so hard at such a young age. It granted me to have foresight, be a maker and do all sorts of things. He has produced top charts like “You Are Lonely”, “Just Hold On”, “No Beef” and also “Play It Cool”. Many of Aoki’s albums are influenced by his immediate environment. “Inspiration arises from everywhere, it doesn’t have to specifically evolve from a song but from existence.

Rise to Popularity

Aoki won a career feature with The Neon Future series. The initial part of Aoki’s two-part album, Neon Future I, was launched on September 30, 2014, and attained No.1 on Dance/Electronic Albums in the United States. The next album, Neon Future II, showcased artists such as Snoop Lion and also Rivers Cuomo.

Daily Life of a DJ

Aoki is broadly known for his acrobatic crowd surfing acts, hurling cake at fans, showering champagne bottles, and drifting rafts on the dance floor. The everyday life of Aoki isn’t thrilling as most people would assume. “Usually, in the morning I get up and have some breakfast, travel to the airport, get on a flight, land in the upcoming city and we do some exploring, maybe some sightseeing and tour.

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