Are you the type of person who usually update gadgets for new versions every now and then? Well, maybe making your old iPhone as a source of entertainment, for example inside your car, is the best solution for those old units stored inside the cabinet. You can use it as a music player or a mini-TV. That’s how music affect our lives. However, to have an excellent entertainment experience, make sure that your iPhone screen is not broken or damage. Or else, let your iPhone screen repair.

Ways to Entertain Yourself Using Your Old iPhone

Below are simple ways for you to get entertained using those iPhone inside the junk.

1. Select your desired device

It’s either you opt for your iPhone unit or in case you don’t have one you can go for a smartphone. However, because of the slim feature of an iPhone 4, it is very ideal to make it as a lasting media player device. Another great attribute of an iPhone 4 compared to other iPhone units is that it is fastened on iOS 7.1.2. Due to that it is always jailbreakable most of the time.

2. Identify the appropriate and excellent firmware for your chosen device

Identification of an appropriate firmware seems to be easier for Android users compared to iPhone enjoyers. This is because Android have many tangs that are applicable with various manufacturer and carrier of particular twist. Compared to iPhone, the only major iOS versions to take into account are those that can be signed and those that can be jailbroken.

With iPhone, the iPhone 4 unit has the highest signed iOS. Moreover, its 7.1.2 version is jailbreakable at the same time.

In this case, you’ll need to backup your iPhone’s data and focus on the apps and tweaks applicable. After that, it is advisable to install the 7.1.2 again through iTunes before jailbreaking the iPhone for the second time.

3. Availability of data service or internet connection

Basically, for you to enjoy and get entertained by watching movies through your old iPhone, you may need data or internet connection. This may help you to download specific movies or music that you might be watching or listening to. However, having connected to the internet or getting a data access may vary from one country to another.

Old iPhones as Permanent Source of Entertainment