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We all have our favorite hobbies such as watching movies, reading books, or surfing the internet. But my hobby is not included in any of those because guess what? I love cleaning and I do it every day. I mean I really love it even though I am very busy I always find time to clean my room. They say that I should hire move out cleaning San Diego but since I am the type of person who likes cleaning more than anyone else,I do not need it anymore.

The idea of a woman tending to her house became dirty, filthy, shameful, each mop of the floor a violent blow to feminism. But now that having a cleaner is no longer a Downton Abbey-style luxury and more of a middle-class necessity, the humble art of tidying has practically become a lifestyle choice. A hobby, even, like those trendy fashionistas who claim to knit and crochet in their spare time.

There is nothing more delightful than the sound of debris being sucked up a hoover. Who could fail to be aroused — yes, aroused — by mopping away spillages from the kitchen floor? Plus, there is simply no lovelier way to spend a Sunday evening than ironing in front of the television, the smell of fresh starch and orange-and-pomegranate ironing water filling the room and your bed linen.

I admit that I love collecting things and stuff that sometimes are not  necessity but I believe that it is okay to collect stuff such as bags, shoes, and clothes as long as you are organize enough to maximize space.

I find cleaning as my favorite hobby primarily because I am not only enjoying but at the same time it is kind of multi-tasking. Not only I am doing what I want but also I am saving time from cleaning.

Even when I was still a kid, I tend to clean my room even before my mom instructed me to do so. Indeed, tidying is a great way to claim superiority and get what you want. Even if you are not fond of cleaning, you may want to give it a try and be surprised of its amazing of benefits.

Why Cleaning Can be a Form of Hobby