Is this your first time going to a rave party? You probably are excited for the pumping and lively music. Plus, it opens up the opportunity to meet new friends and expressing your personality. What other better ways of expressing yourself than wearing appropriate rave clothing for men?

If this is really your first time, then you are most likely clueless on the proper attire to wear. Usually, it is about trippy patterns and lively colors. After all, fashion for rave parties are all focused about comfort. The showing off part is centered on your personal style. With vibrant accessories and print designs, you will never go wrong!

In the event that you are having a hard time mix matching the perfect outfit on your first rave, then take into account the quick list below.


This is considered as one of the staples in rave. You may make use of Kandi for accessorizing and expressing yourself and connecting with other ravers. To pull this off, band with your friends and make ample kandis for everyone. Collecting and trading kandis is so much fun and it gives you the chance of meeting new friends!

As you go home and look back to these kandis, it is sure to bring loads of memories that you would never forget.

Tank Top or Tees

One very simple way to become outstanding from the crowd and also, to rock your Rocket Man Naturals (quite popular on raves) is by simply wearing vibrant and colorful tees or tank top. However, just be sure that the clothes you are wearing are breathable. Nothing’s worse than dealing with sweat drooling over your body with other ravers.

Perhaps, rather than raving with these people, they may just set their distance with you. This is something that will taint your overall experience.

Comfortable Shoes

Speaking of breathable and comfortable tees, it is strongly recommended to wear a pair of closed-toe shoes. For hours and hours, you will be up on your feet. Wearing a good pair of sneakers may be beaten up a bit for it will probably be stepped on by others few times throughout the night.

Instead, wear something that protects your feet without compromising comfort and quality as well. Now you are raving!


On the subject of rave, sunglasses are both functional and fun to use. These are wonderful way of accessorizing your looks while safeguarding your eyes as well. In case you do not know, rave parties are known for lasers at night and intense lights especially when the “beat” drops.

Rocking Your First Rave Party!