Testosterone bigbluetest, the father of the androgen hormone, has some bad reputation (if you want), which is related to sound, aggression, violent crime, and many behaviors that make men appear consistent. But according to a new study of humans this is not a big picture. Testosterone results, which form our common hypothesis, may not take into account the delicate level of social evolution in human society.

But this is a problem. Infecting with testosterone, good behavior is not selfish. The good psychology of testosterone seems to draw the same attention as the dark mind set by testosterone. In other words, in the case of Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, or Donald Trump, Testosterone hates revenge from courageous people who accept rude commercial quotes. However, testosterone is generously motivated once the negotiation partner proves to be eligible.

A study published in the PNAS journal on Monday found that the behavior of taking additional testosterone was inconsistent. When an invisible negotiator conservatively adds testosterone to a male subject, their response is anomalous, even if the penalty is high. However, under the influence of additional testosterone, the same person responded to the request of a more generous and respectful negotiation partner.

Testosterone Problem-Man Restores Trenches

In a new study, men aged 18 to 30 examined the response to the invisible negotiator (“proposer”) of the “ultimate game”. Among them, the subject (“responder”) is money. If you accept the suggested share, you must keep that share. If you rejected the proposed stock (for example, because the proponent recognized it could unfairly profit), the pot of money did not go either.

Because testosterone does not allow men to respond faster than placebo, the authors of the new study concluded that testosterone does not increase “emotional response”. And it is not aggressive. “

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