Are you having a hard time to get your audience’s attention or perhaps maintain it? If yes, then keep doing on what you are doing or improve it. Otherwise, don’t fret as there are many businesses exactly like you!

Trying to engage employees or consumers is a constant battle in which many organizations are facing these days. Content creators seek ways on how they can be the best in their league. Tech-savvy individuals are now turning to technologies to generate interactive content. After all, if this is done right, it can yield substantial ROI. Failing to do so, then it may make you feel frustrated even if you have the Amazon great Indian sale.

Interactive is the Name of the Game

According to Heidi Cohen, a marketing expert, an interactive content is basically content marketing that glues in viewer’s attention. Additionally, he adds that around 50% of marketers are taking advantage of interactive content to run their marketing campaigns. Research also showed that this form of marketing will keep growing by as much as 80% by next year.

Not only that, interactive video takes in various forms. Basically, it is a digital video that is supporting user interaction through:

  • Taps
  • Touches or;
  • Clicks

It’s a type of video that has surpassed the traditional “play” & “pause”. This is great because users become engaged with the content. As for the apps designed for interactive video, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of it. Three of the hottest purpose is:

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Learning & Development
  3. People Management

But why Choose Interactive Video?

Interactive video is capable of driving real results.

According to survey, there are around 92% of people who tried interactive video and were amazed how effective the tool is. As a matter of fact, it is way more effective than using in-person events, case studies as well as webinars and other options.

More Engaged Audience

We know that in the internet, the competition is fierce. If you fail to be creative or get hold of latest tech, then you’ll be left behind. Thus, using interactive video for marketing is a surefire move in putting you a step ahead among your rivals.

How much Impact Interactive Video Brings?