Carrying Over-load Backpack Can Affect Your Posture

Many children recently visited doctors with musculoskeletal disorders, and spinal pain seems to be the most common cause. Many studies show that the weight ratio between the backpack and the method of transportation differs to avoid physical stress. Backpack like victoria secret backpacks pink  loading has been reported to cause many problems in children, including body pain, cardiopulmonary changes, postural changes, and balance problems. Their opportunity is to understand and straighten up limbs is based on a number of the capacity to correct and regain the middle of gravity to the maximum location. Baggage carrying backpacks can impair this ability and sometimes students fall down and be injured.

Overweight school bags are thought to cause abnormal musculoskeletal symptoms. It was reported that book packaging and education failed, lacked motivation, and lacked the relationship between learning and absenteeism. In this study, more than 50% of students suffered a very heavy burden at school, and 55% of students carried a load that exceeded the recommended limit (10-15% of body weight), which could damage the spine. In a recent study of elementary school children in an Indian city, 60.6% of boys and 65.7% of girls reported musculoskeletal pain, with the most affected areas being the waist and neck.

Result of Carrying Over-load Backpack 

In a cross-sectional explanatory study of 532 children at six elementary schools in Kampala, Uganda, about 30.8% of children have more than 10% of their backpacks. Exceeded the association’s recommendations. Approximately 88.2% of students reported physical pain, specifically back, neck and shoulders. Approximately 35.4% of students recorded that carrying over load backpack always experience musculoskeletal pain.

Studies have shown that the ratio of the weight of a schoolbag  to the proportion of the body that still affects health is still changing. No reliable and effective attitude measurement tool can be reliably applied to any environment. This is based on false evidence based on the relationship in the middle of good posture and problems. 

Postural Effects for Over-load Backpack Among Preschool Children
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