Definition of SEO 

With the growing number of business these days, whether it is online or in store, it is no surprise why each of them think of different ways to be on top. Since digital marketing is the most powerful tool today, growth and promotion is usually done by establishing a business website and optimizing the search engine of a certain website through the help of  gold coast seo services. The process of arranging the contents of a website to attract users and to make it look relevant is called search engine optimization (SEO). This is the most popular way if you want to grow your business, because through proper SEO, your website will most likely belong to the top results of google. Hence, more website traffic. SEO tasks are very in demand these days because this is actually a very effective tool if you want to improve the quality of the traffic in your website.

In order to fully understand the tasks related to SEO. I have listed down specific activities that will contribute to the growth of a website.

Crawling– This is described as the process of gathering all relevant date of a website to analyze. This cannot easily be done by an ordinary person. In order to perform crawling, a software for this is needed. To fully master how to use the software, seminars, or at least a YouTube tutorial is needed.

Indexing– this is similar to crawling, but not totally. In order to perform indexing, you first have to do crawling. And then after the relevant contents of a website is fetched, a database of these data should be made for future work. This is to easily identify the phrases that will best fit the website.

Processing– this happens once there is a request. Google, the most popular search engine will process the request by identifying the websites with the most relevant content.

SEO is very important nowadays, because according to most studies, internet users will most likely trust only the top 6 results in Google or other search engine. They believe that the succeeding websites are no longer relevant to a certain information they are looking for.

How SEO Helps Promote Your Website