When purchasing goods whether online or in the physical market, it is imperative to differentiate between replicas or knockoff goods and counterfeit goods. According to experts, counterfeit products and goods have actual reproductions or copies of the original brand’s trademark, label or any signature symbols making them closely identical to the brand. This oversteps on the original brand’s the intellectual property rights. On the other hand, replicas and knockoffs don’t copy such words or trademarks and simply bear a resemblance to the original. Check out https://luxuryreplica.to/rolex-replica-watches/. Hence, when it comes to purchasing knockoffs that is without the signature labels or marks, buyers have pretty much nothing to be concerned of.

In the entertainment industry, films and music could also be counterfeited, this is called piracy. But, piracy isn’t only restricted to fake DVDs. Although downloading movies and music from the internet for free, which should usually be paid for, might be an excellent way to obtain your movies and music, you’re committing an offense.

Media Piracy

Piracy the illegal and unlicensed copying of contents that are copyrighted which is then sold in the grey market at considerably lower prices. The grey/gray market is the trade of goods or commodities over distribution networks that aren’t authorized or approved by the original producer, provider or proprietor of the trade mark. The effortless access to technology made piracy more widespread. Now media piracy is particularly prevalent in many countries.

Video Piracy

Video piracy is one of the most common kind of media piracy where over a huge percentage of consumers admit to viewing contents that are pirated. One major reason for video piracy is the desire of consumers to view new contents for free once they are released. The most popular approaches of obtaining these contents, such as films and TV series, is streamripping. Others on the other hand illegally download and stream content.

Music Piracy

Because streaming content has turned out to be more and more favored by consumers over purchasing the physical content, music streaming (music piracy) has become more prevalent as well. More than half of the internet users worldwide who are 16-24 years of age have accessed and retrieved music via copyright infringement.

E-book Piracy

In recent years, a new market of piracy has appeared as a result of the innovation and growth of the e-reader. In the United States, there are approximately 16.5 million illegal downloaders for e-books, wherein by illegally downloading their books, causes sales loss of $315 million. This illegal downloading of literature typically done by individuals 30-44 years of age.

The Prevalence Of Media Piracy
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