When most men and women think of this Netherlands traveling, they believe about Amsterdam with its renowned red lights along with coffee stores, windmills, along with tulips. However, there is more to the nation than that.

The Netherlands is a very small nation full of historic brick stuffed and cobblestone laned towns, a connected system of canals (you are able to travel the majority of the nation only through the canals), amazing and huge farmland, legendary windmills, and also some nice beaches. It is one of my favorite countries on earth. Whether you are traveling, backpacking, or working in the Netherlands (check out for vacatures Zuid Holland or vacancies South Holland in Dutch), the small size of the country makes it effortless to go around.

Most travelers arrive at the celebration and the Netherlands for a couple of days in Amsterdam, however by doing this they overlook a lot of everything the nation has to offer you. Spend some time and you’re going to find the nation that keeps me coming back. I strongly suggest heading north (particularly in April or May if the tulips are in bloom) and visiting Utrecht to observe the nation with no crowds!

This Netherlands travel guide can help you organize your journey!

Top 5 Things to See and Do from the Netherlands:

1. Visit Amsterdam
The funds and center of tourism in the nation, Amsterdam is extremely beautiful and tranquil as it’s crazy. There are the famous canals, historical and exquisite homes, heaps of parks, museums artwork and also, needless to say, the notorious red-light district.

2. Research Rotterdam
Rotterdam is among the busiest shipping ports in each one the world. Perhaps it doesn’t receive all of the care Amsterdam does, however, this town is a superb place to go if you would like good stores, fantastic buildings (although the majority of the old construction have been bombed in WW2), along with an opportunity to know about the renowned sanctuary locks.

3. Have a canal visit
Whether Amsterdam or at a different town, ensure that to take a bicycle tour and find out the canals which made the region famous and inhabitable. Canal-building was perfected by the Dutch and it is such an essential part of life, till you spend some time boating on the 32, you can not really comprehend the country.

4. Leiden
Head for this little town and determine in which the Pilgrims lived until they left for America. It is a city and full of parks and beautiful buildings. There is a museum in town that has opening hours that are intermittent but typically the owners allow you to roam through if it’s shut when you are fine.

5. Learn More about the Hague
The Hague is a heart of Global life as it is a Middle of justice. You can observe the Queen’s workplace and see the palace and the castle. In addition, the Hague is situated therefore lounging around the sand, on the shore along with strolling the boardwalk are very popular summertime activities.

Other Items to See and Do from the Netherlands:

1. Wander historic Haarlem
Just take a stroll through the upper-class houses of famous and the wealthy and see with. This town is a bicycle or train ride from Amsterdam. The city center has a market although there is not a lot to do this, the church is awe-inspiring and incredible, also it is a fool-proof solution to the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam.

2. Celebrate King’s Day
Each year on April 27th (April 26th in the event the 27th is a Sunday), the Dutch was able to observe the birthday of Queen Juliana. However the throne was handed by Queen Beatrix for the son, Queen’s Day and Willem Alexander became King’s Day. It is a federal holiday full of outdoor festivals, a lot of oranges (the federal color), a lot of drinking, along with crazy parties on the canals. It is.

3. See Edam
Where the famed cheese gets its title from A city with windmills, farmland, and quaint homes. It is among the quintessentially Dutch cities. Come here to eat and be as you can Dutch!

4. Visit the Keukenhof
The Keukenhof is your flower garden on the planet, using 32 hectares’ value of floral displays. Once the tulips are in a year, the backyard is available between March and May of every year. You imagine flowers when you imagine Holland and there’s not any greater place.

5. Bike throughout Hoge Veluwe National Park
Hoge Veluwe National Park is the biggest book from the Netherlands. It’s home for wild deer, drift-sands, and other animals but in addition to the Museum, also the repository of the artwork set of Helene Kröller-Müller. It’s possible to rent bikes in three areas that are specified and expect you won’t ever get dropped in the ocean of green.

6. Kick in Maastricht
Among the southernmost cities in the Netherlands, this town is famed for having the nation’s only “mountain”. It does not take long to scale and’s actually more of a mountain, however. But this visited town is a fantastic place to view life far from hoards.

7. Move biking
Out of place never on a bicycle, you would feel as among the activities around the nation. The nation has been covered in over 20,000kilometers of avenues, devoted to transportation. Hoge Veluwe National Park is a spot however, the country’s landscape is scenic too.

8. Visit Delft
That is a fun city. There are a number of sights that are intriguing, including Nieuwe Kerk, the Municipal Museum Het Prinsenhof, De Zeven Zonden, also, needless to say, the signature blue and white pottery. The city is located in Rotterdam and The Hague.

9. Stop by the Van Gogh Museum
Open since 1973, this tradition will be host to over 500 works by Vincent Van Gogh, along with many works by a few of their contemporaries and pals that are cherished. The displays chronicle his life length, revealing advancement and the advancement of his job. The memorial is open every day from 9 am-5 pm with long hours on Fridays (before 10 pm). Entry is $17 EUR ($19 USD). Notice: Pre-book tickets on the internet to prevent huge queues once you arrive.

10. See “Venice of the North”
Slow-paced Giethoorn is a place with a lot of canals. With no cars, this town is an excellent change of pace from the busyness of the Netherlands’ cities. Rent a boat and spend the afternoon drifting by cottages.

11. Watch life in historical Netherland
In Zaanse Schans, Themapark Archeon, also The Netherlands Open Air Museum, it is possible to see what lifestyle like from the countries. With stores, homes, farms, and windmills, you’ll truly feel part of Holland of older.

12. Try out a multi-day bicycle tour
The Netherlands can it be if you are likely to bicycle someplace! But even a day by yourself or a couple of hours is not enough. With plenty of bicycle businesses, you’ve got your selection of itineraries that will require you. When it’s using or self-guided a bunch, it is possible to come across a wonderful bicycle tour.


Things to Enjoy in Netherlands
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