What is 5G? Perhaps most people will understand that this is the fifth generation of wireless broadband technology, the next generation of 4G LTE that we are using now.

The concept of 5G is still not understood by most people. The point is that new internet users see from the high-speed side that it is still on a limited usability scale, and the quota or data usage limit is still a barrier.

In fact, the presence of 5G will be disruptive, in the sense that it will change many parts that we are familiar with. This doesn’t exempt businesses that have built their presence online like letting agents Edinburgh and other businesses from different fields. 5g will greatly impact the way we access the internet, social media, industry, health, to government.

Building Ecosystems

5G itself is built from the foundation of 4G so that its application will be faster than when wireless broadband was introduced. If it was built from something that ‘does not exist’ into existence, now the move from the 4G to 5G ecosystem will be easier.

Because the public is familiar with broadband technology, from the massive use of the internet, from the daily use of smartphones to various devices based on wireless technology. To start the 5G technology, of course, the ecosystem must be made together, from operators in many countries to smartphones and 5G devices.

For this reason, as a first step, in February 2018, Qualcomm has collaborated to build the 5G NR (New Radio) ecosystem, together with 18 world operators and 19 OEMs, makers of smartphones and modems, to test 5G NR technology this year, to be ready to implement it for commercial use. later in early 2019. The number and OEMs that collaborate will increase over time.

5G, Distinguishing Characteristics

Nowadays, when we use smartphones, laptops, PCs, and many other digital devices, when they are not connected to the internet, they feel the functionality of the equipment is very limited.

Before the era of wireless broadband, there were quite a lot of activities we could do with the equipment. But now, when the internet connection has become the backbone, we feel that many of our ways and activities with these various tools have changed.

We see the presence of social media changing our habits of interconnection, the presence of digital news has knocked out many print media, video streaming has begun to replace the need for television networks, online sales affect many traditional stores, and more.

The presence of 5G NR will once again change our habits to the next level because they bring the following new characteristics:
– Multi-gigabit speed
– Large capacity to make it unlimited data
– Very small latency

5G NR, Disruptive Technology

With new characteristics, multi-gigabit speed, unlimited, and very little latency, 5G NR will change the many ways we interact and utilize wireless broadband, resulting in disruptive technology in many fields including industry to government. Here are some examples of the changes that will occur when 5G technology starts to be used.

– Cloud replaces internal storage
– Mobile data or WiFi? Later on, Mobile data is enough for the home and for the road
– Social media. With the presence of 5G NR, social media will change shape and content.
Mobile Entertainment, Virtual Reality will further develop.
– UHD Broadcast. HDR support, good sound system, already on a smartphone.
– Healthcare. Robotic surgery performed by doctors from different countries will be possible because of the small 5G latency.
– Autonomous Vehicles. Cars that can walk themselves have shown their form even tested in various countries.
– Industrial. From agriculture to heavy manufacturing industries will change with the presence of 5G NR.
– IoT. Internet of Things, where all the devices that we use will be connected to each other, giving information directly.

The 5G ecosystem will be much broader, impacting many fields, from small environments to the progress of a country. As time goes by and when this 5G NR ecosystem is formed, we might see a lot of new things that have arisen, which had never been thought of before. Have good preparation!

5G For Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Viewing, And A Lot More
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