Mobile games keep on growing in popularity and it is now more immersive than it was. Consumers these days are now filled with match-three games and several forgettable titles too. There are a lot of innovation that can be seen though, as for those who are willing to give it a try for the first time, then the games listed on this article can be a nice start.

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Number 1. Florence

This game tells a story of a titular character which is a 25-year old woman who’s stuck in mundane routine until meeting Krish, a cellist who has big dreams. No dialogue is in the game and still, every story is so intense.

Players are interacting with slight puzzle aspects of the game in which some are pretty clever. Others would make you feel the story to be more intense like for example, you’re putting together puzzle pieces while Florence stumble on what must be said on her first date w/ Krish. Better if you would play the game in person to see how it actually goes.

Number 2. Device 6

For Device 6, this is a type of game that is almost defying explanation. Perhaps, it is the simplest interactive novella, though players only follow the twisting narrative when they are not trying to solve any puzzles.

In this game, puzzle elements need players not just to read carefully but at the same time, to listen to audio and musical cues and use their wits to complete the puzzle.

This game isn’t ideal for those people who are always on the go as it demands your full attention to pass the levels and win the game.

Number 3. Monument Valley 2

Both players and critics were wowed as they play the game for its colorful M.C Escher inspired surroundings. The sequel expanded on the puzzle and charm elements of the first by having a couple of controllable characters rather than just one. Players need to manipulate elements of their surroundings in a perspective-bending manner in order to navigate the mother-daughter pair to every level.

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