Do you start your working day with a good cup of coffee? That’s a good chance because almost three-quarters of the working Dutch drink coffee in the workplace. In the office, expect to see a good coffee grinder and espresso machine, all for the benefit of the employees, to keep them entertained during their breaks. And that’s a good thing too. Because almost half of the employees say they deliver better work performance with good coffee. A small majority say they cannot even do without coffee at work.

What Makes a Great Cup of Coffee?

Every day 23 million cups of coffee go through the working Netherlands. That amounts to an average of four cups per person. Men more often drink more than five cups per day, women more often two cups or less. Black coffee (over 40%) is particularly popular, followed by cappuccino and espresso. More than half of the employees in the Netherlands say that having a good cup of coffee gives them more pleasure in their work. The average score for that coffee? A 7!

Free or paid?

In the industry, construction, agriculture, and fishery (80%) sectors, the majority of employees drink coffee. This is followed by commercial services (72%) and non-commercial services (68%). In most cases, employees receive that coffee for free. Should it still have to be paid for, then 60% is prepared for this. On average, these employees then pay € 0.44 for this.

What makes good coffee?

What are the most important aspects of good coffee? Working Netherlands determined a Top 5:

  • Taste (72%)
  • Available for free (72%)
  • Choice of types of coffee (56%)
  • Preparation time (56%)
  • User-friendliness of the machine (48%)

From the kitchen table to the work floor

In addition to coffee in pods or capsules, the popularity of fresh bean coffee at home is increasing enormously. In combination with the emergence of ‘the new way of working’, this national trend is increasingly translating into the workplace. Coffee is also an important secondary employment condition. All the more reason for employers to listen to employees’ coffee wishes and preferences. Whether it’s free coffee from a bean machine or paid luxury coffee in a ‘ Starbucks Corner Café ‘.

Coffee and employee satisfaction

Rabobank, among others, offers employees various coffee concepts, varying from free ‘fast’ coffee to luxury paid consumption. In this way as many employees’ wishes as possible are met. The bank also has its own Rabobank Foundation coffee, which they serve with all concepts. The employees indicate that not only the taste but also the look & feel of the machine is decisive for a positive coffee experience. Coffee also has a positive effect on employee satisfaction at other companies. And that again benefits work performance!

A Cup Of Coffee And Good Music For Better Work Performance
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