It is undeniable that video games like AFK arena are growing and getting even stronger in terms of entertainment. Much more as many third party gamers provide tricks to outsmart the game like AFK arena tier list – check out the tier list here. It has become a trend in many societies around the globe and it’s easily accessible, thanks to internet technology. These days, it’s no longer about entertainment, it’s more of an effective teaching tool to enhance better education for many aspiring artists.

The ESA (Entertainment Software Association)

The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) is an association in the U.S. specifically committed to providing business and public affairs services to companies that publish video games intended for video game consoles, computers, as well as the Internet.

They provide a valuable and ongoing study of the effect of video games on many sectors of society. Despite the fact that their study is centered in the United States, their studies are really interesting as it covers how video games enhance family life, art, learning, economics, societal challenges, and much more.

Videogames are generally not an interest among the kids. This is according to the ESA report which states that at average, gamers are at the age of 30 and up. Data says that 40% of gamers are at the age of 36 years old and up. Women are not left behind too because the numbers state that 47% of the entire population of gamers are actually women.

Video Games, An Effective Teaching Tool

People in America like videogames and they have confidence in the impact it brings on education, the family, and in society as a whole. In essence, we can say that video games are an effective teaching tool.

Apart from being a good way for students to participate, the researchers also observed that videogames have true potential to be the next learning tool of the next generation. It helps give knowledge, build life skills as well as reinforce good practices for students regardless of age and level.

The instructional advantages of video games extend further to higher education. From a humanistic perspective, Ludology, an academic video game research now enables students to qualify for careers in computer and video game programming and design.

Educational establishments throughout the country offer young people with enhanced art training in video and computer design. 343 universities, colleges and technical schools in the United States including Mariester College, New York University, and Seattle College of Art are going to offer courses and training programs in video game development, design, and programming.

Additionally, the influence of video games on graphic designs the arts as a whole is a definite reality: artworks in computers, as well as video games and, have grown to be a respected genre in art. Various galleries these days display game productions in many exhibitions. Entertainment software is a brand new channel for promising artists.

Computer And Video Games Go Beyond The Boundaries Of Entertainment
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