Watching a theater play with your friends is a good way to relax and unwind after long days of working hard at the office or at school. It is also an opportunity to connect with diverse cultures and appreciate performance arts more. It is a big bonus if your favorite theater actors are present during the play, and it will be hard to contain your emotions as you watch them perform on stage. However, as we tend to enjoy the theater play so much, we often forget that we are not the only ones who are trying to enjoy the stage performance. It is understandable that you are getting into the vibe of the play, and it is not in your intention to ruin other people’s experience. That is why we should all remember the basic etiquettes as we go inside the theater.

Always  Practice Punctuality In Watching A Theater Play

It is not new to us to be on time when we set our important meetings. Even when we were young, we were taught to be always on time when going to school. At work, our bosses would scold us if we fail to show up in the office on time. When it comes to watching a theater play, we might think that this is the right moment to forget about punctuality and go in whenever we want, even if it is already half an hour late into the show.

The first thing we should remember is that coming early in the theater play is an important display of courtesy, not just to your fellow audience, but also to the stage actors. It may cause a distraction if you have just shown up at the theater and the actors are already playing an important scene for the play. It is also disruptive to other people who have to bear with you walking around and looking for available seats.

As much as possible, try to catch a theater play at least 20 minutes before the introduction actually begins. A good tip to avoid coming in late into the play is to buy your tickets online, which will spare you a good ten minutes waiting in line at the ticket booth. This is where technology plays an important role so that things will go smoothly before, during, and after the theater play.

Don’t Forget To Put Your Phone In Silent Mode, Or Much Better If You Just Turn It Off

Another disruptive practice of the audience during a theater play is answering phone calls. There will be times when you need to take an important call, but you are in the wrong place and wrong moment to pick up the phone. No matter how important that call is, remember that talking with someone on the phone while the play is ongoing is outright rude to the actors. Of course, this is also not the best time to prank phone call your friends either. They would not like seeing anyone in the audience entertaining a call as they try not to get distracted by anything and focus on giving everyone an amazing show. The actors are doing their part to offer a satisfying performance, so it is expected from us as audience to focus on the play and enjoy, nothing more, nothing less.

For Everyone’s Enjoyment, Here Are The Things To Remember When Entering The Theater
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