One of the underappreciated industry these days is the welding industry primarily because it is not for everyone. Very few people enter such industry because it is physically tiring and challenging. But people who work in the welding industry have high salaries because of the health hazard associated with such work. Moreover, welding is a job that is important to businesses as well as products, manufacturing buildings, and other infrastructure. Hence, welding is an essential part of our every day lives and being a welder is not a job that should be looked down.

Great Impact of Welding Industry 

When most of us think about the importance of welding industry, at first we think that it does not have that huge impact to our lives. However, welding is very crucial among industries such as the construction and automotive industry. The huge buildings that we see in the city will not be possible without the people who work in the welding industry. Even our houses and every part of it will not exist.

Research says that almost 75% of products that are manufactured are made because of our welders so they must be given praise and appreciation. This is a proof that the welding industry is crucial in our health.

Welding has three types: MIG, TIG, and ARC welding. However, this is not only the kinds of welding. These are only the most popular ones. The first one, which is the metal is, according to the welders, the easiest type of welding primarily because both filler material and electrode are combined. Next is the TIG welding which provide permanent electrode that is is non-melting. This kind of welding is easy to use also and flexible the metal is separate. Lastly, the ARC type of welding aims the electric arc. Th parent metal must be combined with the other metal once electrode got stuck.

Basically these three kind of welding need a solid supplier of power so as to maintain the arc in both base materials and electrodes. In almost every type of welding, there is some semi gas that is inert and that used for combustion prevention.


The Importance of Welding Industry