PS5 is the newly anticipated game console from Sony. PlayStation will be released in late 2020 – this is after the long decade that made Sony as the undisputed king for home console wars in the market.

Expectations from Sony PS5

As of now, there are few things rumored or confirmed for the upcoming game console and these are:

  • Will there be a VR on PS5? The answer is YES! The next iteration of the console is designed and programmed to be compatible with the current PSVR hardware and what’s more, there are rumors of an upgraded version of it, the PSVR 2.
  • How much the cost for PS5 will be? Currently, the PS4 and its Pro version were priced at 399 dollars and the PS5 is obviously expected to cost higher than that. According to leaks, it may be around or north of 499 dollars.
  • Can you play PS4 games on PS5? According to Sony, there are a lot to expect from backward compatibility despite the fact that it is an area in which Microsoft has been great at.

Sony made it official that the PS5 would be released just in time for the Holidays in US. So most likely, it would fall between October and December. This puts PS5 head to head with the Xbox Series X or formerly known as Xbox Project Scarlett from Microsoft; believed to have a release date on nearly the same timeframe.

As per the pricing, there’s somewhat an absurd rumor that the PS5 would cost as much as 1200 dollars. Everyone is on the mercy of Sony when it will be finalized. However, it is expected that the price of the console would just be in line with the features and technology applied to it.

The Specs Everyone’s Crazy About

In every new tech that is being released, not to mention with such highly anticipated product, the specifications that come with it is what makes everyone so excited about. Having said that, what are these features that make the new PS5 worth it of the time and price?

  • A custom 8-core chipset from AMD which is based on 3rd-gen Ryzen architecture coupled with Navi GPU
  • SSD Storage
  • 3D audio
  • Backward compatibility with PSVR hardware as well as PS4 games
  • 8K TV support

With the new games set in place for the gaming console, it would certainly make you glued in the couch. Having less exercise, make sure to have your Leptitox to keep your body in shape.

Good News for Hard Core Sony PlayStation Fans!