Just how music affects our lives, utilizing the powers of gem and crystal for healing and cleaning of the spiritual being is enjoyable. Connecting with the energy’s emitted by the Earth entails amazing ways to do it. Meanwhile, figuring out the spiritual significance and energies of each crystal can be daunting. This is pretty much applicable for those who are new in the field of healing. 


Since every individual crystal and gem have different properties and healing power, tips and tricks are available like that of the Magic manifestation review. One available way is choosing those crystals depending on their color. Each crystal or gem color entails unique vibrations and meaning. This will direct you to the right path of energy.


Yet, it is not really specific to make judgement on crystal’s energy depending on their color alone. One of the easy way to identify what type of energy really works for your stone is by making a research on the stone itself. Another way that might really help is to know each crystal as it may give an idea on what crystal is best used for what situation. Moreover, definition of color awareness really helps a lot.


Thel symbol of the color of each crystals links with the colors of the seven chakras or body energy centers.


Gem Color and Its Meaning


Identify the crystalline color and determine the meaning of their healing power. This will definitely guide you to opt for the appropriate color based on your situation depending solely on its color.


White and Clear


Meaning: Peace and purity

Examples: Moonstone, selenite, apophyllite, white chalcedony, clear quartz

The clear or white crystals are hailed as the most cleansing and purifying. Due to its feature of amplifying the energy of other crystals, clear quartz is beloved the most. Meanwhile, selenite is considered to cleanse the space. 




Meaning: Action and authority

Examples: Ruby, garnet, red jasper, vanadite


Getting energized and pumped up is what you will experience when using a red-colored crystal. The blood, the planet Mars or the planet of passion, sex or war, and the root chakra are all colored red. It signifies energy, passion, and life thus keeping you motivated.




Meaning: Clarity and communication

Examples: Aquamarine, azurite, blue lace agate, larimar


The power to relax and calm are the ability of the blue crystals. Further, taking you to excellent depths and heights is its extraordinary power. Blue crystals also stimulate the way you express or communicate your personal perspective.

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