It is innate among us to love entertainment from watching TVs, movies, listening to music, seeing celebrities and so forth. Have you ever asked yourself why do we love them so much? It may seem to be a silly question but in reality, it is simply entertaining.

It’s Entertaining, That is it!

Entertainment somehow magically taps into the different aspects of our emotional as well as conditioned mental heritage. In fact, entertainment of today has been built on some powerful neural processes.

The secret to better understand why we are so eager to the idea of entertainment lies on the significance of a person’s cognitive and social processes.

At times, we are thinking of our imitation as a low-level mental ability but in reality, our imitative behavior is extremely complex and mostly constrained to our species. Remember this, true imitation is not bounded to doing what somebody else is doing, rather it is more of being able to grasp what somebody else is actually up to.

Copy/Paste Mindset

As per psychologist Michael Tomasello and several others in the field, it was mentioned that a person’s virtually automatic capacity is somewhat based on a mirror neuron system in the brain. This is what making us grasp quickly what others do and at the same time, what made us different and superior from other primates. It is this particular ability that enabled humans to cooperate with each other in building a strong cultural foundation and of course, language to communicate easily.

The easy ability of grasping new perspective aside from our own is what making it easy for someone to enter in an imaginative sate like a story. Here’s the catch, we are really entering that story complete with other details to make it look alive.

According to developmental psychologist Paul Harris, he stated that imitative capacities of the mind allowed us to occupy fictional situations that both our feelings and thoughts start to form more by fiction compared to what is happening in real life.

It’s the Notion that Helps us Decide

Perhaps, it is the same type of mindset why some people are using the same service that other people are using, especially in businesses. So like if a competitor uses spedycja trans to move products and orders, rivals have high probabilities of following the same path.

Why Entertainment is Entertaining?