Perhaps, no business is affected as widely or as fast by the rapid spread of coronavirus as the entertainment industry. According to analysts, it is estimated that the global box office had already taken a toll to the tune of 5 billion dollars due to the outbreak of the disease. This is primarily because several theaters in China have closed, which is the 2nd biggest film market, next to US. Let us not forget that South Korea, France, Italy and Japan are big contributors to the industry too.

Theater attendance in various Asian countries has seen drastic decline in just a short period of time. Hollywood studios are forced to delay or postpone the release of their movies and change their production schedules worldwide.

A Big Hit in the Global Entertainment Industry (no pun intended)

The movie industry is more susceptible to the outbreak of the disease because both the consumption of output and production are requiring big crowds in small spaces. And as we know, this is something that is strongly averted today to prevent the continuous spread of the disease.

Without a doubt, it’s a global industry because production companies and studios as well have film sets and offices located in different countries and they are requiring employees to move in one place to another every now and then. Just take a quick look at the ending credits of a movie to see how many teams, locations and people are involved to bring an awesome movie to big screen.

Everyone’s Hands-On

Compared to various workplaces, you just cannot bring your work from home if your career is in the entertainment industry. Directors cannot do conference with their actors and makeup artists could not do their job on team collaboration platforms.

Due to the global nature of TV and movie production, people in the industry are more vulnerable to infection. However, they are at a greater risk of being the carrier of the virus too due to the amount of physical contact they make only to complete a single scene.

Try to imagine it, how hairstylists would do their job without touching actor’s faces, actors inevitably have to do contacts with their co-actors especially if there are kissing or intimate scenes, crew members constantly handle the same equipment throughout the shoot which increases the rate of spreading the disease. So even though people in the industry want to work and continue delivering the best that they can do, staying at home and following government’s order is the least they could do.

Even for regular folks, your only option is to follow the government. If you’re someone who loves shopping and buying new stuff, you may set it aside for the moment and instead, view the costs of ideal boilers here. At least your safe from any infection while still enjoying what you do.

Biggest Victim of Covid-19?