Liam Hemsworth

Celebrity and health buff Liam Hemsworth have been known for being a vegan because of health reasons.

The said celebrity, who had been called the Sexiest Vegan of Australia by PETA, made the statement about his journey of eating only plant-based food.

“I felt fantastic”, said Hemsworth. “During the first two years of me being on a plant-based diet, I felt fantastic. I felt that my energy was at its peak. I felt as though my body was so powerful, everything felt quite great,” Hemsworth told a reporter.

“However, in February a year ago, I had been feeling sluggish and low and was not feeling good as I usually do. And I just learned that I got a kidney stone.”

It’s noted that a calcium oxalate stone was being dealt with by Hemsworth; that he blamed his morning smoothie which is consisted of the following:

  • five handfuls of protein milk
  • almond butter
  • also lettuce

“This was exactly what I believed was super healthy and is doing the proper thing. I had to completely rethink what I had been putting in my own body,” he added.

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Mending kidney stones

Famous medical practitioner Dr. Michael Greger says that “anybody can overdo the 3 high-oxalate greens: lettuce, beet greens, and Swiss chard.” He also urges everyone to elect for different greens, such as spinach, collards, or arugula.

In an article titled Treating Kidney Stones together with Diet, Greger resolves: “The main things we could do diet-wise would be to consume 10 to 12 cups of water every day, decrease animal protein, decrease bloating, and consume more fruits and much more vegetarian.”

He also adds: “Excessive use of animal protein introduces a danger of getting kidney stone formation, probably as a result of acidity load given by the high levels of sulfur-containing amino acids from animal protein.”

Another way to avoid getting kidney stones is to regularly drink an organic kidney cleanse beverage that would lessen the chance of getting kidney stone formation, just like what happened to Liam.





Liam Hemsworth and His Departure from Veganism