The COVID-19 lockdown orders, highlighted the popularity of video gaming as a form of entertainment, which Riot Games enhanced by releasing Valorant for beta-testing.

Last April 07, Riot Games unveiled its new first-per-shooter (FPS) game Valorant, whilst inviting ace FPS players to test the beta version. As part of its marketing promotions, Valorant beta players were encouraged to live stream videos of their games via Twitch.

In order accommodate those wishing to participate in the beta testing phase, players who will devote hours watching the live streamed games, stand to have increased chances for receiving invites that contain keys to the closed beta game. So far, the promotional strategy has been successful, since Valorant videos at Twitch quickly garnered viewer statistics in numbers that made the new FPS, a second placer, to Riot Games’ League of Legend.

What are the Mechanics of Riot Games’ Promotional Invites to Valorant’s Beta Game


Riot Games explained that although they appreciate that there are many players seeking to join the testing phase of the new FPS, there’s a limit to the number of slots available. Mainly because developers are still in the process of making sure that they will be releasing a stable version.

Once the title officially launches sometime in the summer of this year, the period spent waiting is sure to pay off as they will be releasing an awesome game where they can experience all the features that got them addicted to other FPS titles like Counterstrike, Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch.

Nonetheless, they are still admitting new players but only on a random basis. The selection process picks players who linked their Twitch accounts and their live video-viewing activities to their Riot Games games account. This initial step is important because it automatically qualifies a viewing player to the pool of hopefuls looking to receive invites that contain keys to the closed beta.

Viewing period must last for at least two hours; a time that they could spend well by taking note of how top-ranking players are carrying out plays as members of a 5-player team. Learning while watching is important because even during the early stages of promoting Valorant, Riot Games has made it clear that it was designed for competitive gaming.

Apparently, the LoL developer has plans of making Valorant not just a video game entertainment but also, as another staple in the e-sport world.

Although Riot said that more than 2 hours of watching the live video streams can increase chances of getting picked, Twitch accounts running multiple streams altogether 24/7, will not.
Watching 2 hours is as good as dropping one “ticket” into the invite raffle. Multiple 2-hour viewing engagements connected to several live streamed videos, can increase the number of raffle tickets dropped; as opposed to running several in every 24-hour period.

Riot Games also made it known that the selection system is supported by filters in both Riot’s and Twitch’s platforms, put in place to distinguish bots from human viewers.

Inasmuch as Riot Games has placed anti-cheat guards that will prevent players from taking shortcuts as a means of getting past certain levels in the Valorant Ranked System, beginners and less-skilled players who plan to use valorant elo boosting services, must proceed with care.

It is important for them to make sure that they are engaging the services of a professional rank-booster who also has the skills to perform convincingly, when playing on behalf of a less skilled player.                

Riot Games Enhances Gaming Entertainment with Release of Valorant Beta