Drive-in theaters are back; actually some didn’t really go away as many stayed open even as nonessential businesses were ordered to lockdown.

According to John Vincent, president of the United Drive-in Theater Owner Association (UDTOA) 8% of drive-in theaters throughout the country continued to operate even when orders for closure came down, most of them were located in the states of Idaho and Florida. Vincent said state governments allowed them to remain open since drive-in theaters have built-in safe distancing features, while having the flexibility to increase spacing distance if necessary.

The UDTOA president confided that they had in fact instrumental in lobbying for the reopening of economies ahead of other states. Inasmuch as people are looking forward to a return to normalcy, they are proud to have contributed even a small part in giving communities the entertainment they sought during the trying times.

In idaho, the state government even issued guidelines, which included limiting vehicle participants to household members only. Moreover, vehicle occupants should remain inside their car, while as much as possible, avoid using restrooms or concession areas. Buying and booking reservations were all transacted online.

Today, drive-in theaters are springing up in almost every state that have reopened. To which many have reported that ticket sales were amazing because it only took a few hours to sell all out.

What Does a Drive-In Theater Look Like

A drive-in theater can either be located in a wide grassy field or a vast parking area, where cars will be parked in a position where they are facing a huge towering LED screen. The audio can be heard by way of radio sets tuned in to the local station.

A movie is shown at 5 p.m. and another at 8 p.m. Drive-in theater operators still have to abide by licensing laws, by making arrangements with the film production company for public showing rights.

Drive-In Theaters Are Back, Some Stayed Open All Along
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