There are days when you can’t or don’t want to go out with your kids.

Entertainment ideas with kids in bad weather

Create funny figures using wooden spoons

This game can be an absolute highlight of your afternoon at home. Everyone enjoys doing handicrafts with the small wooden spoons because it is original and absolutely new. The implementation is very easy for small children with a little support from their parents, the little ones can make funny figures from wooden spoons themselves.

Knead the salt dough

The thing about the salt dough is this: it’s quite a mess but the kids will love it. Because you can shape and create your favorite characters very quickly. The dough is very easy to make and all the ingredients are usually at home.

Small children will definitely have a lot of fun with this somewhat different clay. Older kids may want real “cookies”. However, the figures have to dry out very well at room temperature and that means children have to be patient.

Decorate your own first names from wooden letters

The very first word most children learn to write is their own name. They always have a lot of fun discovering their own first name in a playful way.

Bake together

Yes, baking is one of the favorite pastimes at home for some families.

Tinker a submarine from empty boxes/packaging

You can make so many different things out of an empty box. The boxes can be old juice, milk, egg or various gift packaging.

Listen to or look at audio and photo books

You may listen to a wide variety of audio books. When the weather is bad, your kids can build a cave, take their flashlights and CD player with them and hear their stories there.

Sing together

Singing together can lessen the time your kids spend on their gadgets.

Play board games

Various board games are very popular with my kids. From the stacking tower to speed, small fish, to more complicated games. On a rainy afternoon at home, you can keep yourself occupied with it for a relatively long time.

Tinker with cardboard

You can use not only smaller, empty boxes for handicrafts, but also large cardboard boxes. For example, you can prepare a large, red cardboard fire truck for the fire department’s birthday.

You may check kinds gifts ideas for helpless parents for entertainment purposes.

Entertainment at home:  Ideas to share with kids in bad weather