By now, you probably know about TikTok. This is an application that is used to make and share short videos. TikTok followers are also creative in creating contents of their own and share it among their network. TikTok videos are different from stories you see on Instagram or Snapchat that are squarish and tall. Also, you are navigating through videos by simply scrolling to it like a feed and not by swiping or tapping it side to side.

Creators have been blessed with all kinds of tools readily available at their disposal. At the same time, users are being encouraged to engage with the community via response video or by way of doing duets. Users are capable of duplicating videos and adding themselves alongside it.

The Hashtags

Hashtags actually play a big contribution in TikTok. Back in the days, Twitter has high hopes that its users may congregate around hashtags (#) in never ending story of productive mini-discourses. When it comes to TikTok though, the same concept exists, which makes it extremely functional in terms of organizing ideas and topics.

Hashtags in TikTok isn’t intended for news or even to anything about new trending topics. Instead, hashtags are used for different challenges, repeating formats, jokes or any discernible activities.

Jump in!

The great thing about TikTok is the fact that it is free for everyone. Making a video on this platform is pretty straightforward not simply because of the tools available but because of the prompts and extensive reasons it offers. You can choose from tons of different options from short moments, TV shows, popular song clips, videos on YouTube or any other TikTok videos too. You may also opt to join dare-like challenge or take part in dance meme or make your own joke. Depending on your creativity, you can combine all these things in one video.

It has Everything

If you are having a hard time what kind of content to post next, the app got you covered for it. Explore the new videos uploaded or search for hashtags and it’ll open doors on what can be your next content.

What about TikTok?