When it comes to the development of children, no other medium receives such polarizing reports as computers. On the one hand, computer education is necessary these days and age and the right games can be really educational. On the other hand, there are reports on the dangers of addiction, the negative impact of computer games on school success, and the risk of killer games. Parents are faced with the difficult question of how to teach their children how to use the computer medium correctly – and what it looks like.

Correct play with the computer or console

The great dangers of computer and console games are that children are overwhelmed and that they are used excessively and their consequences. If you observe a few points, you can create positive foundations for your children’s use of the computer medium.

The selection of games should be age-appropriate

This ensures that your young children are not overwhelmed and can also have a sense of achievement. For older children and adolescents, the age rating warns against violent games. Be interested in what your children are playing – even on the computer.

Limit the time your kids spend playing computer games

Uncontrolled use of computer and console games mainly occurs when children have the devices in their own room.

Play with your children

The greatest thing for children is when mom and dad play with them. By playing together you bring a social element “into play”. Children learn that computers and consoles are much more fun in the community. Activity games are great fun for everyone. Don’t be afraid to pimp or embarrass yourself. The community experience counts.

Show alternatives

Play other games with your children. In the evening or when the weather is bad, board games or buy RVcover for your car together are a good alternative to the computer. Get some fresh air with your kids as much as possible and show them what the outside world has to offer. Get around with your kids and teach them the fun of sports. When the outside world is more interesting than the one on the computer, computer games lose much of their appeal.

Children and computer games – normal entertainment or playing with fire?