Stephen King, a known big fan of theaters went to see a movie last Oct. 10 but came out heavy hearted; later tweeting he felt terrible for the movie industry.

” First time since February 2020, I went to the movies last night….”No problem with social distancing as there were 7 screens and only a total of 4 customers that included my nephew and me.” “I feel terrible for the film industry.”

The master of horror stories has been noticing the success of his works being turned into TV shows and movies. The 1984 sci-fi horror film Firestarter which was based on one of his works with the same name will be having a reboot starring Zac Efron as one of the leads. Not only that, his Frankenstein-inspired novel Revival will also be having a film adaptation. Once these movies will be out on the theatres, we hope that Steven King will be able to enjoy them not only with his nephew but also with other movie buffs.

Major Films Still Seeing Delays and Postponements

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, cinemas have been affected; many remain closed since March to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. During the last few months, only a handful of states in the US have seen theaters reopening.

Nonetheless, cinemas are trying their luck to bring the audience back by showcasing the sci-fi action thriller film “Tenet” starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and Elizabeth Debicki. Contrary to what was hoped, Tenet didn’t attract moviegoers as many are still wary of the virus; still feeling uneasy over watching movies at cinemas amidst the pandemic.

That being the case, the long awaited Wonder Woman sequel starring Gal Gadot “Wonder Woman 1984,” and the twenty-fifth installment of James Bond, “No Time to Die” will be delayed once again. Mainly because the pandemic situation isn’t showing any signs of improvement. Cary Fukunaga, director of “No Time to Die,” remarked that the movie will come out at the right time as there are a lot of bigger things happening.

While the Wonder Woman sequel was rescheduled on several occasions the next possible release date is in the month of December. Although Warner Bros. is pushing for the movie’s release in time for the holidays, the period is deemed risky. Public health officials are not discounting the possibility of seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases once the winter season sets in.

On the other hand, Disney has not reconsidered the release of “Black Widow” in November, still keeping faith that the movie headlined by Scarlett Johanssen, Rachel Weiss and Florence Pugh will be the next huge blockbuster movie.

Horror Master Stephen King Feels Terrible for the Movie Industry