We are certainly facing one of the darkest times in human history, with the modern-day plague popularly known as COVID-19 taking away everything that we used to enjoy doing on a daily basis. Since the pandemic broke out last March, several cities were forced on a lockdown, and industries experienced a steep downfall, as workers had no choice but to stay indoors to avoid catching the virus that would cause further infection in communities.

As for the entertainment industry, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is pretty much the same. In hopes to prevent the further spread of the disease, productions of upcoming movies and TV series were put to a halt. This means that actors, writers, directors, producers, and the rest of the staff behind the camera had no work for many months.

At this point, amid the continuing battle against COVID-19, the entertainment world is already trying to bounce back. However, stricter health and safety protocols must be in place even as production of many projects has now resumed.

The Show Must Go On For Hollywood

Many ongoing film productions were affected by the pandemic. After being paused indefinitely, many productions in Hollywood have now been allowed to continue, but only under the strict compliance with the CDC rules. Shooting scenes will proceed as planned, although this time around, actors will have to wear their face masks behind the scenes. Also, prior to the actors and the staff going to the location for filiming, they need to be subjected to a 14-day quarantine, as well as Hjemmeside swab testing to make sure that nobody in the production has contacted the novel coronavirus.

In spite of all this effort to revitalize the entertainment scene, many producers believe that it would take more time for film outfits to recover. For one, even as TV and movie productions are now rolling, many of the projects that were supposed to be released this year are still postponed. This means that the producers have yet to receive the return of their investment, as well as all the actors and personnel who poured their hardwork into these upcoming movies and series. Once the situation gets better, and it is once again safe to watch movies in cinemas, that is the time when we can say that everything is healing.

The Entertainment Industry Goes On In The Face Of The COVID-19 Pandemic
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