For anyone considering their product/service/industry is dull, and there’s nothing you can do to make it more enjoyable, this means that you should be doing something now.

Below are some actionable and field-tested advice you can start executing today to make your site’s content more entertaining.

1. Simplicity over cuteness.

Constantly go for clarity over cuteness. You’ll never go wrong being concise and straightforward. But you will miss individuals if the details are redundant or complicated.

Whether you’re drafting a blog article, a sales website or your personal page, your mantra must be:

  • Does this sentence easy to understand?
  • Does each sentence clearly go with the next sentence?
  • Can I repeat a similar thing in less words?

2. Come up with better titles.

We all have a huge sum of data to understand every day, and headlines help us evaluate whether or not a part of the content is relevant to us.

You don’t have to come up with tabloid or clickbait headers. But your headline requires to get your readers’ attentiveness and provide them a reason to continue reading.

3. Use sub-headers.

Instead of annoying your reader with a whole page of body information that seems like a vehicle lease contract, break down things into paragraphs using sub-headlines.

This makes your content less intimidating and lets your user to easily get the summary of your webpage. You may also want to explore the magic of Buying backlinks and see how it will boost traffic.

5. Write as if you are talking.

I will say again, this is where you have to fight what was taught into our heads in English class about “correct form of writing”.

Of course, you desire to use accurate spelling and syntax. But you don’t desire to be dull and stiff.

The best website copy is when you’re using a warm, friendly tone. Nevertheless, it’s sometimes simpler said than done since we use numerous parts of our brain when writing vs. talking.

6. Utilize bullet points.

People do like correct, brief summaries. We’re all occupied and we just need the gist of it. Bullet points are sort of powerful in that readers are equipped to look for them since that’s where the author usually puts the most relevant “need to know” material.

Tips on How to Make Your Website Entertaining