Laser tag is a thrilling and action-packed game. It is fun but it is best if you come out as victor. Each and every one of us has a strategy to win this game. But the tricks below can help you dominate the game.

Go Camo

Many think that neon colors are the best color to wear during a game. NO! It is strongly recommended to wear darker colors.

This creates a camouflage and ensure increase your odds of not being spotted across the area.

Study the Room’s Layout

You probably do not want to be the guy who is just staying in the corner during the whole game and waiting for someone to cross your path. This is why you should make it your goal to study the room’s layout. As you observe tactical places to have our attack, it gives you an edge among everyone else.

Just Shoot

The players in the game are constantly moving. Shoot them when given the chance. Whether it is aiming in same direction or not, keep on shooting. After all, it is point to you if you hit them.


You may initially think of hiding in a spot and stay there until the game concluded. Well that might work but it’s just boring. Who knows there are better spots in the area that can work to your advantage?