Motion picture or otherwise referred to as movies or cinema are basically series of images that are recorded via film strips. When played, it creates an illusion of having continuous motion. This done by playing the series in rapid motion which makes the pictures seem like moving. This is also known as persistence of vision.

There’s only Sufficient amount of Light Needed

In the world of photography, exposure of the film may be controlled by simply modifying the amount of life that’s entering the lens or, the amount of shutter time where it stays open. The shutter speed in motion picture cameras are actually controlled by 24fps or frames per second.

However, you ought to know that there is no exposure that could be longer than 1/24th of a second.

As for the early technology of motion picture, it was mostly heavy and large. On the other hand, come the mid 50s and that is the time when technology started to catch up. This was the time when the WWII ended and lighter cameras were developed allowing cinematographers to get a hands of more portable cameras. This as a result has freed cameras from tripod which allows more innovations on the camera work.

Motion Pictures of Today

As for the moving camera effects, the cameras may be connected to platforms attached to steel rails such as railroad tracks or rubber wheels which are used in modern movies today.