With the ever-changing advancements in technology, it made people expect to receive news in real-time. Most probably, you keep thinking about it. However, technology has drastically changed how people are accessing and getting information.

The Early Days of Knowing Current Events

At one point, families sat on their sofa, gathered around the television to watch together and just before that, they are gathering around radios and listening to current events. But time flies fast and now, a new wave of information gathering has been introduced and everyone seems to jump into it.

The way consumers changed the tools that they are using to get information, media and newsrooms have also modified tools that they’re using to gather and present news.

And believe it or not, Twitter and Facebook plays a big role in the entire process.

Technology Changes, so does the People

Stations have dwell into the scene by doing live streams on applications which they utilize in disseminating information to their audience. There are wide varieties of platforms that have allowed these entities to have easy access to live videos around the world. This has actually become a vital part of gathering news, most especially among TV stations where they use the feeds on air.