Being an event planner, it falls on your shoulders on how you could spice things up in an event. And trying to make it as alive and as engaging as possible is easier said than done. If you think that your ideas are running dry, then the clever options discussed in this article may just save you and your job.

Bring a Surprise

In just a matter of seconds, what seems to be an engaged and participating audience can lose interest.

This is true particularly if you are going down the rabbit hole of useless, old and boring tactics that everyone has seen and heard before.

Nobody will pay attention to dull and boring things. It is imperative to grab your audience’s attention. And what better way of doing so than bringing out a HOOK! This will definitely surprise your audience and get their attention.

As an event planner, it’s your responsibility to think outside the box and likewise with the speakers you will be enlisting the service.

Curiosity is the Best

There is no better way of capturing the attention of your audience than making them curious of what you have stored for them in the next minute or hour. Your audience will probably look for more by commencing your keynote with a hint or clue.