As we are young, we are filled with energy. It seems that it never ends. This is the exact thing that children have. They can even bring the house down. If you are not creative and clever enough to think of activities that will keep them occupied, then good luck for you.

This seems to be an eternal problem among parents. Lucky for you, there are various suggestions that you can try in keeping your kids busy and thus, allowing you to do what you want to do.

These activities are varying in terms of your children’s age and their specific preferences.

But let me give you general and surefire activities to keep them engaged.

Spinning Rainbow Fan

On the blades of your fan, consider painting it with the colors of the rainbow. After doing a simple project, put everything back together and turn the fan on. See the amazement in your kid’s face as the fan creates that rainbow effect.

Build In-Home Wings

Given that you want your kids to be secured, you may set up the swings for kids in your home like how you would build one in your backyard.

Snow All-Year Round

If your children do love snow and the season is still months away, then why not make your own snow? After all, it’s an easy project. All you have to do is mix shaving foam and cornstarch together.