Do you feel bored most of the time and having a hard time to kill boredom? As a matter of fact, there are countless of ways on how you could make dull situations more entertaining. The best that you can do is finding mediums where you could channel your creativity by writing, reading or even making crafts.

It is highly recommended that you work on something where you can put your attention and energy or perhaps, try learning a new skill. If this is something that do not interest you, then try out the simple ideas below.


This is a perfect way of forgetting that you’re bored.

The carefully crafted words from the author can bring you to places. Both young adult and children’s books are great choices. If you’re a parent, reading with your kid can help in instilling them the benefits of reading while awakening the inner child in you.

Sketching, Painting or Doodling

This is one of the best ways of exercising your creativity. In addition to that, you have a masterpiece to show off. This can even help in building new skill which is perfect when you are feeling bored. Plus, it is a great time killer!