We are adding music to conversation, dancing lights and tons of other things to amp the house party. But the question is, how you would make it cooler? We are all adults here anyway, so what is more appropriate way of doing it than adding some drinking games!

Below are few of the simple and fun drinking games that are sure to lighten up the atmosphere.

Kings Cup

For this game, you will need playing cards and of course, drinks. This is enjoyed best with group of people. Whenever you choose a card, you need to do what it says.

The goal of the game, to get as many of the players drunk.

Drunk Jenga

As what the name suggests, it’s like playing the typical Jenga game but with a twist. On each Jenga blocks, there are challenges written. The trick is to choose a block from set of block pile with a hand and put it on top of the pile. By the time when the stack begins to fall, chug the drink and pick couple of blocks and do the challenge.

Straight Face

At this point in time, you are most probably having all the good times and laughing throughout the night. Thus, keeping a straight face makes it difficult and this is what making the game fun and great.