Like technology, digital cameras are changing every now and then. There are new features introduced and pushing the boundaries of technology at the same time. So don’t feel surprised if you see some of the promising and interesting updates and innovations in today’s digital camera technology.

Hands-Free Shutter

Cameras of tomorrow might no longer have a shutter button to take photos. Rather, photographers may simply use voice command or wink in telling the camera to take a snap. This kind of camera may work like hands-free smartphones wherein you simply have to tell commands without touching anything.

Speaking of smartphones, these devices are also competing on what is the most powerful at the thinnest design profile. Same goes with cameras, most brands and models have an inch or less thickness.

These cameras are called ultra-compact cameras and just the thing for snap and go. It fits in your purse or pants pockets so you are certain to always take the perfect shot.

Power Wherever You Need

Another remarkable innovation applied to digital cameras is the incorporation of some kind of solar energy cell. This enables the battery to operate either from a solar power or enabling it to charge the battery by using solar cell.