Riding a skateboard is simply called as skateboarding. Basically, skateboard is plywood in a rectangular form. This is called as deck. It is fitted with 4-wheels underneath. These days, there are new versions available with additional components for add-ons.

Recreational Activity or Extreme Sports?

Many skateboarding aficionados see this as another form of extreme sport but for some, it is another recreational activity.

Despite having wheels, this is rarely used as a mode of transportation.

If you don’t know how to ride a skateboard but interested in learning one, then the very first thing that you have to do is to choose a board and also, have the right gear. Being a beginner, you have to select heavy and thick deck that has lesser curvature. With this type of board, slipping off is less likely to happen. Besides, controlling the board is easier. As you gain more experience, that is when you can move to concave and thinner deck.

A Word to Remember

It’s best as well to check the trucks of the skateboard. If they’re too tight, have it loosen a bit by unscrewing kingpins. When done, be sure that the kingpins are secured. This allows you to make easy turns and therefore, minimize falling.

Of course, keep practicing on your board until the time you feel comfortable riding it.