Would you like to see how far your creativity goes? Then why not try writing a script for a short movie, film or for a TV show? Every script begins with a well-thought plot and premise. This means, your character is en-route for adventures.

The Basics of Creative Script Writing

With correct formatting and hard work, you’ll be able to finish your scripts in months. To do this, there are handful of tips that can assist you.

Among the tips that you need to know is the conflict or theme. This is where your story would revolve. Make it easier than what it sounds by using questions like “What if?”

This will significantly help in forming the idea and concept of your script.

Additionally, it is smart to choose a genre for your script/story. This is extremely important device when it comes to storytelling. It allows the readers to know what kind of story they should expect. As for the setting, think of it thoroughly on where the plot would take place.

Do not make it Dull

See to it as well that the setting works with the theme or story of the script. Prepare at least three or four settings for the protagonist to travel between scripts. While doing so, make sure that there are progressions in the character to keep the audience engaged.