In this modern time, accessing the internet has become easier than before. These days, whether you believe it or not, there are more or less 200 million active websites around the World Wide Web. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter whether you have the technical skill or experience or not in website creation, you’ll be able to make one of your own in minutes.

Website in a Snap

There are couple of ways of building a website these days. One is by using a website builder and the other is through WordPress. Using either of the two is fairly easy and simple. But as for website builders, these are the likes of Squarespace, Weebly and Wix.

It is perfect for those who are novice or newbie in tech but want to launch their own page online.

Which is Which?

In addition to that, website builders are just the thing for people who:

  • Do not know how to code or program
  • Wish to concentrate on strategy as well as content
  • Gives more value in convenience
  • Likes to brave the eCommerce market by selling stuff online

On the other hand, WordPress is ideal for people who seek independence, scalability as well as advanced customizability and backend control on their website creation.

Regardless of your option, I would highly recommend to perform thorough research on each method to know which one is best for your needs and skill level.