With unthinkable activities that people can do online, it is not easy to pick which among them is the most interesting to engage in. After all, this is a very subjective topic since people have different point of views. On the other hand, some form of entertainment online are more popular than others and here are some of them.

News and Blogs

Whether you believe it or not, the very first blog was published way back in 1994. These days however, the number of blogs effortlessly reaches over 400+ million.

And this data is only from Squarespace, Tumblr and WordPress.


It has been a while since the time when multimedia has taken over the internet. Since then, nothing changed. These days, everyone will agree if I say that YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the globe, with first being Google.


How many profiles can you count on social networking sites these days? Could you think of a person who has none? In 2004, Facebook was founded and nobody even thought that this platform is going to conquer the internet. But it did. These days, it has been a normal thing among people to spend time checking in their social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.